Thursday, May 6, 2010

Montana Winter Ain't Over Yet

Old Man Winter beat Jack Frost to the punch and dumped a ton of snow on September 29th. Instead of falls glory of colors we were treated to dull grey brown leaves. The tree branches broke from the heavy wet snow. Winter was here and we had to learn to cope. The snow continued and the ground remained covered with its white blanket.  We fell into the rhythm of  a Montana winter. Dressing for outdoors included hat, scarf, coat and boots, no running to the mail box in your house coat. Going anywhere was a whole new ritual. After bunndling up, the car  had to be started, the snow brushed off and then the windows and mirrors scraped.. Driving slowly became  necessary.  These extra chores had to be considred when timing you arrival at work.

Walking Boss took on a new routine, The paths we had enjoyed in the summer disappeared and the creek froze over.  Our walks were around the apartment building sidewalks which by law had to be shoveled. Here you can be fined if you do not shovel the snow from your home or business sidewalks. When we came in from outdoors my baby had to be toweled dry, his paws pressed into warm water to help melt the snow . He did not like the water dip so I just rubbed his paws with a towel to remove the snow.

As the days shortened and the temperatures dropped I was not anxious to go out at 6:30  for his morning walk. I bought doggy potty pads and put them in the corner. My little man was to well trained, he knew he did not go in the house so he would sit by the bed and yawn or shake his collar. If I did not respond he jumped on the bed and stuck his nose in my face.  I gave up and resigned myself to walks in the dark with temps in the teens or worse.

That started  eight months ago, I would like to say it's over for a few months. Not!!! We woke up to three inches of snow this morning.  Life in Montana will either kill you or make you stronger. Scene from my balcony.