Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

As we were hiking on Saturday a group of twenty somethings were causing quite a ruckus just off the trail. I wondered if they were enjoying a libation, an herb substance or just a private joke. The sounds of wow I found another one and look at the size of this one aroused my curiosity. I ventured over and asked what discovery had caused such jubilation. The answer mushrooms. Spongy Mushroom an edible variety. They showed me the ones collected which were going home to dinner.

The group continued along the trail passing back and forth as we all made our way to the waterfall. The young people left the falls just before us. On the way down I spotted this gem,

I yelled!" hey mushroom people I found a mushroom".
Probably deciding to humor an old lady the hunters came back. The return was worth it. I had discovered a rare but deadly mushroom.

The mushroom expert dug up the beauty to show me the pink underside. The base was large and buried deeply. He kept the specimen for his collection.
Maybe I will start to learn about these treasures of nature.

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Monday, September 28, 2009


Since coming to Montana I find I have more energy. Maybe it is all the running up and down stairs I did this summer that has made me stronger. The comfortable cool tempertures here just drive you into the outdoors. Also winter is coming and everyone tells me to soak up the sun while I can. The obsession with the sun is strange to me. After all I am use to sun about every day of the year. So when I learned there was a waterfall a short drive out of town I knew we had to hike to the falls. It was a short hike, a little over half a mile.

The trail was not to steep. It curved and turned back on itsself as we (huffed and puffed a little) our way up the mountain.

This waterfall must have been a hundred feet high.
Spectacular! Worth the hike.

The mighty hunter sniffs out his prey.

That hike was a challenge. I need a drink. Ahhhh a refreshing mountain stream. Nectar of the gods.

Boss decided to do a little fishing in the creek.

I guess that one got away.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Moosh Missing

Where has Moosh been? Not following her dreams but making a living. In my profile I stated I wanted to stop making a living and start living. Unemployment ended and reality set in. My mortgage has not been taken over by the government bailouts. The mortgage company was but not mine personally. The utility companies still want their due and the car guzzles gas as it were a camel in the middle of the Sahara. My job was eliminated because the economy tanked, but no one offered me a golden parachute.

So what does an unemployed middle aged women do if her job is gone, her unemployment about to run out and the twenty jobs she applied for in the last year all hired someone younger? Why go on vacation of course.

A camping vacation led to a new life and new jobs. Notice the plural. The restaurant slave driver, also known as brother, needed help during the busy tourist season. I became chief lackey. A position that suits me well as I can multiple task and have a lot of restaurant skills from my college years.

Tourist season is over and things slowed a bit. I wanted to use some of my other skills. The paper had a dozen jobs for preschool teachers. I applied at the best center in town and was hired. Yeah! someone who doesn't think I should not be put out to pasture.

So now I work! I have two pay checks. I can keep the wolf away from the door. As for following my dreams, well I found time to write this post. It's a matter of balance.

Happy Birthday to Aunt Barbara


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nature Notes

Clouds dark and menacing
Send raindrops falling to earth
Plants nourished and clean

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