Monday, December 21, 2009

Was That Santa?

It was Christmas Eve. Mommy and Daddy were in high spirits. We children were bouncing around excited that Santa would arrive in a few hours. Friends and family dropped by for Christmas cheer, “What will you have to drink,” Daddy asked? Miss Bonnie replied “why your excellent egg nog of course.” Daddy handed her a cup with a wink, " I think this will put you in the Christmas spirit.” She sipped the creamy cool beverage and gasped, “that’s very nice thank you," The Christmas tree was beautiful full of sparkle and light. It held the place of honor in the living room. A roaring fire kept the room toasty warn. Garland  was draped across the windows and doorways. Red, green, and gold sparkled and danced in the eyes of the merrymakers. Goodwill enveloped the room as friends exchanged Christmas greetings. Feuds and petty jealousies disappeared as we passed the Christmas wine cup. We children watched the merry making with wonder as we awaited the bigger event Santa’s arrival!

We retired “LOL” were sent to our beds. Prayers said, tucked in and properly kissed goodnight I was now expected to fall asleep. The sounds from the front room were loud in my head. Laughter, clink of glasses, music it all reverberated around my room and kept me from slumber. I must have finally dozed off because I awoke to silence. I lay awake listening, what had happened to the merry making? I arose from my bed and crept down the hall. I stopped and listened, no sound came from the front room. I carefully pushed open the door. Moonlight lumaniaited the room. The tree stood proud and magnificent, lights and baubles sparkled in the moonlight. A low burning fire still graced the fireplace, Suddenly I saw movement, a flash of red behind the tree. I gasped and sank into the shadows. A red clad man: appeared he was placing packages under the tree on the sofa and everywhere.” It’s Santa Claus" I cried! but only in silence I was afraid to dispel the moment. I ran to my room and hid under my covers afraid Santa and his presents would disappear if he knew I saw him.

Christmas day donned. I awoke to the sound of singing, “Santa Claus is coming to town” Daddy was in the living room lighting a fire and turning on the Christmas lights. We children tumbled out of our beds and rushed down the hall. Mommy stood outside the living room door, “wait just a minute and we will all go into together.” An air of anticipation filled the hall, we squiggled and squirmed as we awaited our presents. After what seemed as a lifetime but was only minutes, we entered the room. We gasped and squealed with delight. Under the tree was a child’s paradise. Toys, games, dolls, and presents were everywhere. My much desired skates were under the tree. Roy had a red fire engine with ladder, bell, and siren. Kate had a doll that walked. Annice had a baby doll in a carriage. We girls had a whole kitchen with stove, refrigerator, and a little sink. Games, music boxes, and balls filled the room. Santa had been busy and generous. I sat on the sofa holding my bride doll dressed in   her new clothes as I watched my brother peddling his fire engine and my sisters playing with their kitchen. Santa had looked like someone I knew but I was afraid to ask or even think about it. Toys and Santa might disappear. I wanted to remain a child and enjoy the magic of Christmas and Santa for another year.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009


Mom is doing fine. She is out of the hospitable. Several long time friends offered her a place to stay. The insurance company paid for a rental. She is all settled in and has what she needs. Thank you to all for your wishes and prayers.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sad Day

Today is a sad day. My 78 year old Mom's house burned to the ground early this morning. She lost everything she owned. Tonight she is in the hospital with high blood pressure and breathing problems. We are so grateful that she heard the smoke alarm and got out. Prayers requested. Sympathy card and donations can be sent to
Jean Wright P.O. Box 756 Patagonia,  AZ 85624

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Stroll

Saturday night was the annual Christmas Stroll. Main street is closed off and the businesses welcome holiday merrymakers. Everyone here seems to have one or more dogs. The dogs were dressed in holiday finery, they wore Santa hats, reindeer hats, and elf hats. It was cold so your dog needs a sweater, coat, or blanket. The creation is only limited to the owners imagination. Horse blankets tied on with rope to ruffled tututs it was all to be seen.

Chestnuts were roasting over an open fire, and smores were toasting over an open flame, an added bonus you get to warm your freezing hands. Want to warm your insides? Hot chocolate was a popular choice; but you could try gloog, hot buttered rum, or a warm chocolate-peppermint liquor.

Food was the usual; hot dogs, chili, bar-b-que and turkey legs. A man asked if I wanted to try fry bread. I come from Arizona where fry bread, cooked by the people who created the fried dough, is a staple at fairs. I wanted to try something more Montana like, so I declined and had a bison burger instead.

Musicians were on every corner; guitars, drums, brass instruments and mini bands added to the holiday spirit and to their pockets with the donation thrown into baskets.

It was an eclectic and happy crowd that ushered in the holiday season. The evening ended; where else; the reaaurant where I enjoyed a glass of wine and conversation wih family and the friends I have met in Montana.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Let it Snow

On September 30th when old man winter arrived without invitation I was shocked. I had expected fall; a gentle transition; trees turning brillant red, orange, and yellow. I looked forward to an increasing crispiness in the air, the smell of wood smoked drifting across the land, the first frost on the grass; all followed by a light dusting of snow. The New England fall I had read about is not the fall of the Big Sky state. We plunge into winter with a fury. The temperatures dropped into single digits and snow piled up on leaves that were just beginning to turn colors.

I was not prepared. My coat was a jeans jacket. My shoes loafers with no socks. The Fairy Princess had warned me but I didn't listen.

Old man winter didn't care he was here and he did his best work. The heavy wet snow covered everything, tree branches broke and bushes bent low to the ground as winters blanket coated the still green leaves. That snow melted and the leave turned not the fall colors I was expecting but instead a dirty grey brown. Snow fell again and this snow was light and airy. What I believe skiers call powder. It disappeared, bare ground surfaced.

That was all over two months ago. Now I am an old hand at snow. I have three coats, several scarfs, hats, and two pair of boots. Light snow, heavy snow, 32 degrees to 4 below I'm ready. I don't know about the twenty below, I may become a human icicle.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Opening Day

Opening day went great. There were people waiting to get in the door. I rushed about restocking shelves as merchandise flew off the shelves. No time for pictures.

Here are some pictures from our trip last summer. They have a bit of red.

We visited the four corners area. This is where Az., Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico meet. The dirty tennis shoes of the man of the house are standing in four states at once. They have a spot of red on the lable.

The flags are flying in a stiff breeze. It wasn't cold, but very windy.

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Heat is on tonight. It's -4 already. Burr! Burr!