Thursday, June 30, 2011

Boss Freedom Gone

It has not rained for four days. Well a little sprinkle here or there but not the cold lashing down pour of the last few weeks. The mornings are like summer LOL. I haven't worn my coat to walk Boss this week. Boss is being unruly these days just like a kid you give them an inch and they take a mile. When we first moved out here to the country I let him run free. We were walking together but he sometimes took off chasing a gopher. As long as he stayed in sight It was ok. Then these little forays got further and further afield. It has became a game he will  try to leave and I call him back. He runs up to me and looking up with begging eyes, can I go play?, I pet him and say OK at which he takes off, before I can turn around he is half way across the field and no amount of yelling on my part will bring him back. He is on a mission freedom from Mom.

Another little trick he learned, we are out walking and he crawls under the fence. I tell him to get back on the road, he does and then picks up the pace till he is in front of me waits till I am looking the other way and  dashes under the fence going full tilt running away as fast as he can.

Last week the dogs next door  found a rattlesnake. We have a lot of sagebrush and rattlesnakes like to  hide in there.  So it is back on the leash for Boss. I can't let my baby be exposed to such a dangerous world. I have  to protect him.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Have  had computer problems for the last two weeks. Hopefully solved.

We left Billings under murky skies. Reports were out that most of the surrounding areas were under flood. I  went back to the Yellowstone to see if  I could get in and retrieve any of my belongs. The road was blocked but we decided we could walk in. The mud was slippery and water still stood in low places. Joy o Joy the chairs were on top of the table where I had place them for safety. My now water filled chuck box was beside them. Since it held mostly cutlery and cooking utensil that was not a problem. My tent was gone. I don't know if it washed away or walked away. We have three with us so it will not be missed. I am just glad Boss and I weren't washed away.

The rain continued to pour as we drove toward Butte. We checked into a local downtown motel. Butte 's older area has an aura of faded glory. Buildings of beautiful stone and artiecture are boarded up and empty. Once a thriving  cooper mining community it has gone the way of Bisbee and other former glorious and prospers cities that  produced ore to run telephone wire and built the west. The motel and the area around it had seen better days and for the most part were empty. I wasn' t going ( couldn't) to spend the 100 plus dollars that the chains wanted.

Later I ordered a pizza. When I stepped outside imagine my surprise to see the parking lot full and a lot of coming and going. I closed and locked my door and settled in for the night.The motel was "busy" all night cars leaving , radios playing, the occasional sound of breaking glass, laughter and loud talking. My phone rang about 2:00." Is everything all right"? "Yes " I replied. Dial tone. Boss woke me up at six. I dressed in my coat and hat it was still cold outside and drizzling. We slipped out the door, imagine my surprise the formerly filled parking lot was almost empty. Beer cans littered the area with the random vodka and cheap  wine bottle. Either my fellow travelers were early risers or I had spent the night in a hurdy gurdy house.TBC

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Did you ever read a story and just when it got intresting to be continued were the next lines. Well that is the way I am going to tell this story. Two weeks ago I left you on the banks of the yellowstone river. My tent was under water and mud filled the campground.  I had no choice but to drive back to Billings and find shelter. The skies were a dirty grey and continued to leak moisture as I drove north. The surrounded areas were all flooded as water rose and washed out roadways.

The motel was a welcome relief from the cold wet rainy weather.  A hot shower and some warm tea and i felt like a new woman. Boss was very happy to be out of the drippy world,. he sat on the bed and did not even lift his head to go out. I couldn't afford to live in a motel all summer so I had to find another solution.

Craigslist would maybe hold the answer. I hopped on and looked up RV's.The first day nothing seemed promising, but the next morning I spotted just the thing, it was small and in my price range. I called and drove across town to view my hopefully new home on wheels. It was perfect. Just the right size for me to feel comfortable driving and enough room to get around. I was ready to put down my cash when I spotted  a stick in the middle of the floor. I asked "is this an automatic" "no" the young man replied. My hopes were dashed I just could not see myself shifting gear across the country. I drove away disappointed. But I knew something would turn up     

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I woke up cozy, warm and comfortable this moring. I had a hot shower and sat on a toilet without the cold morning air blustering through an open door. Where did all this luxury come from?  I checked into a little cabin last night. Just one room but heat, TV, frig and microwave WOW!

I had stopped by city hall yesterday too see if they though the park would flood. The very friendly receptionist said it was not predicted but she had seen it flood under just such circumstances. I took her advice and checked into the little cottage. Went to the  campsite and loaded up the cooler and a few other things I needed.  At about seven I went back to camp to check on things  and decided at the last minute to  grab Boss's doggy bed and my sleeping bag, even though we didn't need them in the cabin. I placed the camp chairs on top of the table and left my chuck box on table; the tent stayed anchored where I had pitched it the day before.

This morning I drove to the camp. As I turned down the road that goes across the bridge and leads to the turnoff I could see flashing lights and people wearing police vest lined up along the road. Traffic was moving  slowly both directions. I drew abreast of the flashing lights, I  saw sandbags piled along the road and dirty brown water trying it's best to find a path onto the roadway. I asked "can I get into the campground "? "No it is under water" "You can turn around at the entrance".

At top of the hill I could see into camp, there sat my lonely tent. My carefully prepared firewood was under water. The chairs and other things on table were still there in a sea of mud and water. I don't know if they will be tommorrow the river is still rising and it's guess what? RAINING     

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

It has been raining, raining and raining. Did I mention it was raining.  The tent is dry but everything else is dripping. My shoes squish when I walk, the cooler has to be wiped off before opening and the bedding feels damp.   Yesterday we got a reprieve in the afternoon, I collected firewood and put it under a trap. No such luck today,  Boss is very unhappy he does not like rain. I don't know how his bladder can hold out so long but he waits till there is no raindrop noise before he asked to go out.

The river we are camped by is swollen and moving quickly. The rushing water is muddy and fearsome,  if you fell in I guess you would end up in the Mississippi somewhere. That is if you didn't freeze to death

The rain has delivered a delicacy: morels: I had a skillet full for dinner last night. Delicious and lived to tell about it. LOL I confirmed species with two locals and did research on Internet, was sure I was safe.

The trees have finally leafed out  The delicate little leaves are pale green. a color you only see in the spring.
The robins are chattering in the trees and the morning is filled with the honking of geese. Spring has finally arrived in Montana 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What Season

There is a saying in Montana "we have four disticint seasons sometime all in the same day". Well that is the experience we have had this week. Morning  arrived cold and windy the leaves would have been rattling off the trees if they had any, but is is still cold and the little buds have not unfurled there spring colors. Later in the day the wind died down and the sun came out, summer had arrived with temps near 70. Late evening, the sum goes down about eight at this time of year, cold settled in as we huddled around the campfire. A roaring blaze kept our feet toasty warm as we enjoyed libations and a sizzling steak cooked over the open flame. Snuggling in the tent under sleeping bags and blankets we did not even notice the  frost, and light snow that fell during the night. That is until I stepped outside at two a.m. for natures call.

Weather aside the day are spent pleasantly reading, tending the fire and watching the birds. I wish I had my bird book so I could identify the little critters. There were some small ones, black backs and white  chest flitting through the trees this morning. I think maybe they are of the nut hatch family. Boss is enjoying his freedom when we let him off the lease. There are a great many nookies and crannies to explore. The library is a great place to visit and write but the sun is shinning and in Montana that screams GET OUTSIDE

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Bags Are Packed I'm Ready to Go

The truck is filled to bursting point. The new neighbor has everything to furnish her new house, my discards. Nice stuff too. I was lucky and so was she, both in the right place at the right time.  She left everything when she moved West and now has what she needs to set up her  new home . I didn't have to throw away so much stuff or drag it to the Goodwill.

How does one accumulate an abundance of household items in less than two years. Oh that's right I worked in a thrift store. I couldn't resist the pink depression era sugar and creamer. We had to have the second TV, the man of the house watches Cops and I have to have my Gilmore Girls. Three swim suits might seem excessive but they cost a dollar a piece.
So I have stuffed, shoved and pushed everything I want, need or might need in the back of the pickup.

I'm ready to roll down the road. Tank is filled, utilities stopped, apartment passed cleaning inspection, keys turned in. Goodbye Mountain View Apartments.

Let the camping begin. We will travel a short distance to a free camping spot on the Yellowstone River. The town maintains the campgrounds and asks only for donations. It is a lovely area, big trees the largest clover I have ever seen and a flowing river . All we can ask for now is good weather.     

Monday, May 16, 2011

Free At Last

I have spent the last sixteen months working my butt off. Manging two stores required six day work weeks most of the time The creative side of me shut down from worry and pure exhaustion. Now I'm taking back my life. I will once again have time to write and enjoy life.

Don't get me wrong? I enjoyed many thing about my job I met some wonderful people whom I will remember always. Had more clothes than I have ever in my life. When they only cost $1.50 a piece you feel you are not being wasteful.  Learned we throw out way too much stuff. Good stuff too, things still in package sometimes. Learned I could live on a lot less money and with a lot less things.

The time has come to move on. Where to go? What to do? That will be revealed in my future. For now I am semi retired.  I will travel for the summer and see what turns up.