Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Did you ever read a story and just when it got intresting to be continued were the next lines. Well that is the way I am going to tell this story. Two weeks ago I left you on the banks of the yellowstone river. My tent was under water and mud filled the campground.  I had no choice but to drive back to Billings and find shelter. The skies were a dirty grey and continued to leak moisture as I drove north. The surrounded areas were all flooded as water rose and washed out roadways.

The motel was a welcome relief from the cold wet rainy weather.  A hot shower and some warm tea and i felt like a new woman. Boss was very happy to be out of the drippy world,. he sat on the bed and did not even lift his head to go out. I couldn't afford to live in a motel all summer so I had to find another solution.

Craigslist would maybe hold the answer. I hopped on and looked up RV's.The first day nothing seemed promising, but the next morning I spotted just the thing, it was small and in my price range. I called and drove across town to view my hopefully new home on wheels. It was perfect. Just the right size for me to feel comfortable driving and enough room to get around. I was ready to put down my cash when I spotted  a stick in the middle of the floor. I asked "is this an automatic" "no" the young man replied. My hopes were dashed I just could not see myself shifting gear across the country. I drove away disappointed. But I knew something would turn up     

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