Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We are downsizing that really means we are selling a lot of junk we didn't really need in the first place but bought because we had the funds to do so. I also was always taking up new hobbies. The sewing machine in my hall closet was used once. My sister made cushions on it to decorate my old couch in time for my mothers seventieth birthday party. Eight years later the only thing it has done is collect dust.

We have consumed and consumed. My house is fat with the material things I thought were needed or wanted. Why did I think it necessary to own eleven milk glass vases? These are what is leftover after having three yard sales and giving some away.

I found five sets of measuring cups the problem is the 1/2 c is missing every time. I guess that is why I kept buying new sets. Paper plates are piled high on a shelf. After all you had to have the red, white and blue ones for Fourth of July, the yellow ones for Easter, The holly ones for Christmas, and that birthday party you couldn't very well use a mix since the guest of honor wanted a purple theme.

I have enough books to open my own library. There are the college text which cost so much money you can't throw them away even though you will never open them. The dogeared childhood classics have to stay because grandma, aunt or someone took a lot of time to choose them for me. The 200 cookbooks have to stay, I may want to make my original stuffed cabbage or a new recipe for Indonesian Peanut Fritters.

The shampoo bottles from hotels are spilling out of my bathroom cupboard. The garden seeds are sprouting in the flower pots sitting around the yard. Maybe they will be something good. Heaven knows what they are.

The tools belong to the man of the house he takes the car to be serviced at a local garage but still insist he needs three toolboxes of sockets. I guess since I own four sets of china I shouldn't complain.

This downsizing is going to be harder than I though.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

Pomegranates have a long history in civilization. Jewish culture think they may have been the forbidden fruit in The Garden of Eden. Greek mythology has a number of tales that reference pomegranates. They have also played a part in Mexican, Vietnamese and Turkish culture.

They are a super food and contain many antioxidants and vitamins including C, A, and E.

I think the bush is pretty and since there is a bee shortage I tickle the flowers to get fruit.

I'm off to tickle.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Mom Test

I was reading blogging for dummies yesterday and one section discusses how not to embarrass friends and family. A line in the book says call it the Mom test. Will your post get you in trouble with your Mom? So last night I called Mom just to chat and catch up.

Mom "I didn't like what you wrote about the children."

Me " What children ?"

Mom " The stuff about poopy diapers."

Me " It was supposed to be funny."

Mom " I know but I just didn't care for it."

Me "But it was things children really said, you liked Art Linkletter "Kid's say the Darnedest things."

Mom " I know but I just don' t want to read about poop."

So I am making a list of things Mom doesn't want to read about. Guess what goes at the top of the list? You got it poopy diapers. Mom in the future if I write about poop I will call you and tell you not to read my post that day. I'm on my way to the phone right now.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Nature Notes

Sweetness to Be

more nature notes

Mother to Be

I tried many times to get things to line up the way I wanted them, but alas it was outside of my knowledge. I wanted the caption above or below the photo and centered. If you read this and would like to give me some tips they would be much appreciated.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

From the Mouths of Babes

''You'r a poopy head' " No your a poopy head."

"I don't want to play with you you'r a poopy head."

"My mommy has a baby in her belly and I have a baby in my belly and you have a big baby in your belly."

"you can't be the mommy you'r a boy. "

"boys play with trucks, dolls are for girls."

"He cut he cut"

"I have pooh pooh in my pants."

"My daddy has a big belly like yours."

" Mommy and daddy were kissing."

My favorite " my mommy and daddy take showers together" what can you say?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

This plant is an Azalea also known as a rhododendon it is across the street from my house. When I first saw the plant from a distance I though it was a rose bush. I complemented the neighbor on her green thumb and her roses she quickly corrected me. She explained they had many of these in her native Germany and she had planted this one to remind her of the home she missed. She had fallen in love with an American GI and left her homeland to be with him. The lady passed away a few years ago but her little piece of Germany continues to bloom bringing color and pleasure to us each year. The plant reminds me that sometimes it is the little things in life that are our best legacy.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Miss Graceful

When I take Boss for a walk he gets so excited that he jumps up and down, spins in the air and runs around the room. His feet sometimes get away from him and splat his belly hits the floor with his legs spread out like a bear skin rug. Fortunately I am the only one there to witness his indignity, unlike a certain incident in my life.

The teachers were having a meeting with the State Senator from our area. The Legislature was discussing cutting funding for education. No, this was not last month, it was many years ago. Some things never change. We wanted to convince him to vote against the cuts.

I was in charge of the refreshments. I went to the cafeteria early to set things up. I scurried about placing cookies on platters and laying out napkins in our school colors. The Principal and Superintendent arrived and after a brief greeting they began to discuss the agenda for the evening. Mr. State Senator arrived and we all took a break from our duties to wish him a warm welcome. The men returned to their business planning the event. I, the woman returned to my proper place the kitchen.

It was time to make the punch. I grabbed a bag of ice and walked quickly toward the refreshment table. My cute strappy wooden high heel sandals tripped on something. I began to stumble the bag flew out of my hands and crashed into the floor. Like a hail storm ice scattered across the room as I continued downward landing on my belly with my legs spread eagle.

The gentlemen rushed to my aid, picking me up they inquired about any injuries. Thankfully only my pride was damaged. The dignitaries helped me clean up the mess, then I retired to the ladies room to repair my hair and lipstick and gain my composure. The rest of the evening went well and when I returned home that evening the cute strappy sandals went into the trash. I vowed to wear sensible shoes when preparing for a party.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Nature Notes Fridays

The green of spring is very different than summer green. It is a fresh color a light tint that is a beginning of life. I love the way the light plays through this trumpet vine. It always amazes me how what appears as a dead bush surges forth with new growth. The new sprouts coming up in the garden have multiplied and I know I will have more flowers this year. The small ripening fruit holds a promise of summer sweetness. Birds have returned to the garden and their chirping and mating calls liven up my day. The renewal of the earth gives me hope for my own growth and renewal.

If you would like to see more of nature around the world click on the Nature Notes link below.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blog Lesson

Yes I am going to give a short blog lesson. This is because I am such an expert, one month and my knowledge overflows. This is mainly for Mom. She has asked me how to comment on my blog. I would like all my visitors to leave me their feedback. It lets me know you have been here. Good ,bad or indifferent I want to know what you think.

To leave a comment scroll down to the end of a post. You will see posted by moosh at something o'clock. Then 0 or more comments. Click on the word comments. Scroll down page till you see a box write you comments in the box. Then click the words post comment. That's it. You can leave your name or not it is up to you.

Hope to here from you soon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

Ain't the roses sweet

Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Easter Tale

The magazine cover photo caught my eye, a cake shaped like an Easter bonnet was covered with ribbon and spring flowers. I knew right away I had to make that dessert for our holiday dinner.

My favorite yellow cake was mixed from scratch. The pieces were cut and formed according to the directions. I covered the bonnet with a butter cream frosting tinted pink. A silk lavender ribbon was tied around the creation with a big bow and long trailing tails. Pansie and roses that I had frosted with sugar were artfully placed around the brim. The cake had turned out beautifully.

It was placed in the center of my Buffet table. On Easter Sunday everyone admired the charming centerpiece. After dinner I brewed coffee and cut generous slices for my guest. The forks were eagerly cut into the dessert. Mouths began to chew and then faces began to pucker. The children yelled yuck! The grown ups a little more polite said there is something wrong.

I took a taste of my beautiful masterpiece. It tasted salty and bitter. Something has gone wrong with the icing. To this day I am not sure what caused the problem. The birds got cake for dinner that day while the rest of us feasted on chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I took Boss for a walk this afternoon, or rather he took me. When I put on my shoes to go outside he thinks it means walk and then he goes crazy. You can see him begging just like a kid. He runs up and rubs my legs and then runs toward the door. He looks back over his shoulder and if I haven't moved he runs back and nudges me. He dances around and squeals. So today I gave in and took him out. He must have felt he was cooped up to long because he dragged me along wanting to go faster than I was moving. He is strong for such a little dog. Or maybe I'm just weak.

It has been windy the last few days and I haven't wanted to go out. I thought today was calm until I got out the door. I guess that is what happens when you sit glued to a computer all day. You don't really know what the weather is like.

The wind was not bad and there was no cold in it, so I enjoyed my time in the out doors. The city has mowed our wash and now you can see all the trash. I was treated to an abundance of plastic bags hanging from branches like flags of surrender. The cleared brush also allowed me to see the Gambles quail. They are comical creatures who run from danger their little top knots bobbing up and down like bobble heads. The little ones are not on the scene yet. They should arrive in the next few weeks.

There are three Yorkies a few houses down from ours. They tumble over each other trying to get to the fence and warn Boss to stay off their property. All three together are not as big as Boss but they make an impressive racket that keeps him moving.

A little further down the street is a big dog that jumps on top of his cement wall. He keeps me moving because I am afraid he is going to come over. Boss has to stop and smell the ground frequently. This give me a chance to stop and smell the roses so to speak more like smell the mesquite.

A rabbit darting out from a bush nearly gets my arm pulled out of joint as my mighty hunter takes off after him. Lucky for Mr. Rabbit Boss only has fifteen feet of line and an owner not willing to chase creatures.

Twenty minutes later we are back in our own yard. My trusty campaion is happy he got a walk and I feel a litttle healthier. Maybe we should do this everyday.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bigger Is Better

I rushed to the store the other day to pick up pizza for dinner. We are on a mission to spend less eating out, but the man of the house really likes his tomato pie. He was feeling deprived and craving pizza. So we agreed frozen was better than nothing. Although I don't know why I bother Little Caesars is the same price as Digiorno.

Now, this is not really about the pizza. They were on sale for five dollars each, but if you bought two you got free ice cream. Since that creamy confection is my favorite food in the whole world, what a deal. I rounded the corner of the frozen food section pulled out a carton and rushed through the checkout. A hungry mouth was at home waiting to be fed.

So I didn't pay attention to the carton, just threw it in freezer. Tossed pizza in the oven and enjoyed my dinner. Later as a bed time snack I pulled out the frozen dairy dessert. The carton looked shorter I turned it over and read the label. NOT ONE HALF GALLON! NOT TWO QUARTS! ONLY ONE POINT FOUR ONE L! U.S. conversion one and a half quarts. That is four less servings than the old carton. No wonder it was such a deal.

I will be checking out other brands. You can fool me once but you won't fool me twice.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

Natures snack candy

It's Ruby Tuesday. I found a group of people who post red pictures every Tuesday. Some who are more tech savvy than me have the song playing on their blog. I looked through the blogs last week and was excited to run across such a wonderful group of talented people.

The creativity was truly amazing and the diverse topics were interesting. A friend made the observation that were are turning from a production society into a creative society. If what I am finding on the web is any indication she is right. We are in a true Renaissance.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Pack Rat

I am the worlds biggest pack rat. No! Wait that title goes to my mother, I am the worlds second biggest pack rat. Open my cupboard and out spills sour cream containers, jelly jars, and water bottles. All washed and clean of course. The drawers in my kitchen contain used plastic spoons, packets of condiments, and unused handy wipes. My bathroom is filled with hotel lotion bottles, shampoo bottles and dental floss.

My pack rat nature extends to my closets. I have clothes that haven't fit for twenty years and things so worn out that the seat is threadbare. I only wear those around the house because they are soooo comfortable.

But the worse proliferation is plastic bags. Why can't I throw out a plastic bag? They have taken over the house. I have them stashed in a paper grocery bag from Traders Joe's, stuffed in a bag in my computer-crafts room and the bag in the laundy room will explode if I add one more. I even have a bag in the kitchen designed just for storing bags she is a doll with a big skirt where you put the plastic bags ready for easy use. Her skirt is so full right know the man of the house bangs his head as he comes into the kitchen.

On occasion I will take bags to the recycle bin at the grocery store but in a few days the various storage places are again bursting at the seams . So what is the solution to my pack rat nature? I could just start getting rid of things . But every time I do that about three weeks later I asked what happened too??? Then remember Oh No! I gave it away! ahhh I need it now and I could really use it. I guess I will just buy a storage shed.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Garden

I know many parts of the country are still shoveling snow and fighting flood waters. Here is a glimpse of spring I hope will cheer you up. The photo on the left is very closely planted lettuce, carrots and beets I am going to have to do some serious surgery (thinning) here. These Iris bloom in the spring and fall. They are in the shade most of the summer so they get enough moisture.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Garden

Many people think the only thing we grow in Arizona is cactus. But this big lemon balm comes back every year with no help from me. The only thing I do is harvest the fragrant leaves and make delicious tea.
On the right is a photo of tennie tiny grapes on the vine.These come back every year with only a few watering's in the early summer and fall. I hope I get some this year before the curved-billed thrasher eats them all.
I also have tiny tomato and basil plants inside the house. We usually get a freeze right before Easter so I am not taking any chances. Beans, cucumbers and summer squash are planted after April 15th. So are you planting a victory garden this year?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Intimate Camping

There was a time when camping meant throwing on a backpack and setting out for the quiet and serenity of the great outdoors. A pack of matches, some canned or dried food and a sleeping bag was all that was needed to keep you comfortable. You were out to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

Times have changed. People now take not only the kitchen sink but everything else they have at home. It's difficult to enjoy nature's quiet and serenity when the guy next to you is blaring Law and Order on his satellite TV

The parks of course want to make as much money as possible so the RV spaces are right side by side, closer than the houses in your neighborhood. You can experience voyeurism without even trying. Your camping neighbor's every activity and conversation is available for your listening pleasure. I know because I just experienced this. A large rental RV parked next to our tent at a state park. The couple got out and we exchanged greetings. They were all lovey-dovey. Holding hands as they sat side by side on the picnic bench. They fixed their dinner and sat close to one another feeding each other bites and laughing at each others comments. Now I was not trying to watch but they were on a picnic bench right in front of me.

Later, I was treated to more intimate moment's, but those took place in the RV so thankfully I was not witness to the event but only heard it. A few hours later I awoke to loud arguing. Seems as if the loving had sparked a disagreement. I put the pillow over my ears and drifted back to sleep.

The next morning the lovey couple were back sipping coffee while holding hands. They left soon after, so the situation was not as awkward as what I once experienced on a cruise ship. The couple next to us would be standing on their balcony holding hands and playing kissy face. Then laughing they would go into their cabin and let's just say we did not need to tune into the porn channel. After some silent time we began to hear shouting and then the front cabin door would bang shut, the man would open the sliding glass door, come out, light a cigarette and sheepishly say hi. To which we pretending we had not heard a thing would respond hi. This was repeated frequently for the whole five day cruise.

So why when we want to get away from it all do we go to such close quarters where we can here our neighbors sexual activity and maybe even their morning constitution. Maybe it's because we are by nature pack animals and feel safer when we are part of a community.

The RV lifestyle is diffently a community. There are websites devoted to it. There are magazines about RVing and in the parks there are community buildings. It is fun getting to meet the people from all parts of the world. The people we met were friendly and having a good time. Camping in parks is something I plan to keep doing even if I have to pretend I didn't hear you screaming more, more, more last night.