Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Saturday I attended an expo for and about women. There were exhibitors with anything you can think of related to women. Home depot was giving instruction for those who want to do it themselves. There was a huge amount of information on massage and natural healing. Candles, green friendly were prevalent.

Do you know there is a chocolate that has as much antioxidants as vegetables. At least that is the claim. Eat one square of this delicious chocolate and it is equal to a bowl of spinach. I have to admit I was a bit sceptical, but hey why not give it a try.

One booth was called the PMS project. They asked if I would like to interview. I told them that was part of my past. They were interested in hearing my memories of that time of my life.

As the questions were asked things came out of my mouth that I didn't even know were in my head. Here is a brief summary of some of the question and my answers.

Did you ever feel your feeling were discounted because of PMS?

Oh Yes! many times my real feelings were ignored by family and friends because she's on her period, or she is getting her period.

How did that make you feel?
Very sad and undervalued.

How did that effect your life?
I think I could have been happier If my feelings had been acknowledged. Just because I'm hormonal does not mean that my feelings on a situation would be different. Hormones are not the only force that directs how we perceive or handle a situation.

What would you like to share with others?
This time will pass and things will get better. You then a have other problems like dry sagging skin, but those emotional roller coasters are on a more even keel.

I will be interested to see this film if I get the opportunity. It was a project of a film student. I thought it an unusual topic, but something ever women can relate to.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Head Cold

Well the power breakfast didn't work. I have a doosy of a head cold. The coughing is racking my ribs and my nose can't decide if it wants to be stuffy or, well that is about all you want to hear. Let's just say I am under the weather.

This little man greeted us at a hamburger joint. He looks like the waiters on trains to me. Maybe in a former life he held elegant pastries or confections for departing guest. Looks as if now he get what ever is thrown on him. Still doing his job just the circumstance has changed. It happens!

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Leaves

The heavy snow and low temperatures of early October killed all the leaves. Alas there will be no fall foliage pictures to share. The leaves all turned brown and have now filled the sidewalks and streets with their decaying presence.

What could have been a tedious chore was turned into a game on Friday. A teacher racked the leaves into a pile as the children gathered handfuls to fill a pumpkin bag. I have filled these with newspapers in Arizona, I never realized they had a real purpose. Thus the name leaf bag, LOL! The leaves created a much better round pumpkin than my newspaper stuffing. The children laughed, and ran eagerly to fill the growing bag. Leaves were tossed into the air with abandon and fell into hair and on clothes. A roll in the pile was enjoyed by several. What fun it was to watch this childhood ritual that I have only read about. My new environment is filled with an array of previously unknown experiences. Sharing these with the children under my care gives me a child like wonder at my everyday world.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Nez Perce

On October 5, 1877 Chief Joseph surrendered to the US Calvary near Chinook, now Montana. His tribe had battled 2000 soldiers. He is quoted as saying "Here me my chiefs, I am tired my heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands I will fight no more." This is a monument to that event, located in Dead Indian Pass.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Power Breakfast

Temperatures in the teens, chasing two year olds, walking Boss four times a day, and many runny noses made me decide I needed a power breakfast. First pomegranate-cranberry juice, full of vitamin c and helps lower blood pressure. Next a bowl of oatmeal cooked in skim milk; Calcium and D; loaded with fiber and protein this stick to the rib cereal will keep me going all morning. Throw in a few pumpkin seed and you get some much need magnesium and additional fiber. Sprinkle on some cinnamon, helps control blood sugar and helps reduce bad cholesterol. Throw in some chopped apple it provided natural sweetness, an everyone knows an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Bring it on winter! I'm ready

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Herding Chickens

Last week proves that life is unpredictable and an old dog can learn new tricks. The weather has been cold and snowy all week. That means children have to wear outdoor gear to play outside. This is hearty country, snow is a fact and we don't let a few flurries or even a few inches stop our lives. Temperature twenty-two, no problem, just dress warmly and have a good time.

My challenge to get eight two and three years old dressed for outdoor play. Remember this is a woman who has not even zipped up a coat in twenty years. Snow pants? How do these boots fasten? What, you need a hat and a snow hood? The names have been changed to protect me.

Susie has all her outdoor gear on, snow pants zipped up, coat buttoned, hat snug over ears, hands snuggled into gloves and snow boots laced with pants tucked in. She is ready to go. Now for Tommy, we go through the same process only problem his boots are tight and we struggle to get his feet in. In the mean time John is trying to climb the shelves to get his favorite toy. I drop Tommy just in time to catch John. Tommy has now taken off the boots we just worked so hard to put on. Seems taking things off is more fun and easier than putting them on. Mary comes over crying because Bobby hit her. I give her a hug and wipe her nose. Then back to Tommy's boots.

Garrett, Katie, and Lucy impatient and bored decide to play puppies and start crawling around the room barking. They tumble into one another and Lucy the smallest is knocked over and bumps her head on the floor, this starts her howling. I race to get her an ice pack for her owee and Katie and Susie decide to join in the crying session. I try to distract Katie by putting her things on. It works and she is dressed without mishap.

I gave them all their snow pants and told them to put them on at the beginning. Some will try others will not. John who is older has his on. I quickly help him with coat, hat and gloves. The gloves just won't go on. Frustrated I say something to the other teacher she glacnces over and says "you have then on the wrong hand." I make the change, things work so much better when you do them right.

Four down and four to go. Susie who has been waiting patiently decides she is ready, why wait, and heads out the door. Her friends ready or not follow. I run to the door and herd them all back into the room. They are admonished and instructed to wait until everyone is dressed for outdoors.

Mary and Bobby just need help with zippers, that is sometimes an easy task sometimes not. There are the zippers that stick and the ones that go up but fail to hold the jacket together. The zippers that refuse to move and the ones that pull the bottom of the jacket toward the top. Zipper with pulls to small for big fingers and zippers with pulls on the inside of the jacket.

Finally success, they look like little marshmallows all bundled in their pink, blue and red snow suits. Everyone is dressed and ready to play. Susie says " someone is stinky". We ask "is it you"? she replies "no." Now comes the sniff test to see if you can locate the source of the offending smell. It's Lucy. Off comes your coat, gloves, hat,and scarf. Off comes Lucy's hat, coat gloves etc., etc., etc.,

Such are the challenges of living in Montana.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Life moves so fast it is sometimes hard to keep up. If I'm out doing it is difficult to find time to blog. If I stay home I have nothing to talk about.

A few weeks ago we went to Woofstock. This is an event for humans and their canine owners to have fun. Yes, I said that right. He is the Boss, otherwise I would not have been out of bed this morning at 7 AM in 6 degree weather taking him for a walk. But back to Woofstock. The humane society puts on this event to raise awareness and make money. There were games, prizes, and food both for people and dogs. A few cats attended but as most are not prone to socializing the majority of participants were dogs.

A lot of sniffing was going on.

Boss made some new friend even some or the dinosaur variety.

The talent contest. The performers had to be bribed to show off there skills.

These two look a lot like Boss's cousins Gracie and Max.

We all had a good time and went home with a few doggie treats.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nature Notes Thursday

We had our third snowstorm in a week yesterday. It snowed all day. This is out my balcony this morning.

frost on the pumpkin
falls glory pushed aside
winter wonderland

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

There are many kinds of berries here. I wish I knew what they were and if edible. I might make jelly.

These first two photos were taken last week.

I took this one today.
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Monday, October 5, 2009

Moosh in Wonderland

I feel like Alice in Wonderland. I fell down a rabbit hole and ended up in a Topsy Turvy world. Instead of smearing sun screen on little faces and hands, I am struggling to zip up coats and push on snow boots. Instead of carrying out bottles of water to hydrate, I am telling children not to eat snow.
Instead of seeking the shade, I am seeking the small patch of sunlight to thaw my frozen feet.

This is the scene that greeted Boss and I on our morning walk.

Boss can't decide which way to go. What is this stuff anyway?

A critter must have burrowed here, the mighty hunter is on the trail.

My babies feet are caked with snow. I tried to get him to dip them in warm water when we got inside, but he would have no part of that. I dried his paws with a towel instead.

It's a different world than where we come from. Temperture high today 43.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Montana Moosh?

I haven't owned a coat in twenty years. When it is cold I usually wear a heavy pullover sweater. The fairy princess had warned me to get ready for winter, but I thought, it is beautiful I have plenty of time.

Then last week old man winter blew his top and spewed forth a snow storm that lasted all day. There I was on the playground in Mark's coat, tennis shoes, no socks, and a jeans skirt. That taught me a lesson. Not really, it just sent me to the thrift store on a shopping spree.

I bought three coats, six sweaters, a pair of sweats, boots, eight pair of new socks, a hat, two throws, and a pair of PJs. Total cost $30.00. I am glad the locals want new fashionable clothes and give away their old. I just want to stay warm.

Here is my new outfit I wore to work this morning. I think my new hat and coat are styling. It is fake fur so don't throw any paint on me. It was warm and cozy in my new duds. I am on my way to becoming Montana moosh at least for a while.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Nature Notes

Our favorite walking path.

Boss gets at least three walks a day. He can't go out alone so we have to walk him to go potty. He makes it pretty clear when he wants to go out. In the morning my foot is pushed around until I sit up. I usually respond because the next tactic is all twenty pounds land on my belly, not an experience I am fond of.

Since cold weather set in it takes me a little longer to get ready. Sweat pants, t-shirt, jacket, shoes and gloves all have to go on. At this rate when it gets to zero I will have to sleep in my outer wear to get him out the door on time.

Why are dogs so particular about where they poop. Boss stands and sniffs and sniffs and then takes off dragging me like a wooden pull toy. He abruptly stops and more sniffing goes on. This scene is repeated several times. Finally the right smells and texture of grass come together and the deed takes place.

That puppy better learn to choose sooner or he will become an icicle.

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