Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Leaves

The heavy snow and low temperatures of early October killed all the leaves. Alas there will be no fall foliage pictures to share. The leaves all turned brown and have now filled the sidewalks and streets with their decaying presence.

What could have been a tedious chore was turned into a game on Friday. A teacher racked the leaves into a pile as the children gathered handfuls to fill a pumpkin bag. I have filled these with newspapers in Arizona, I never realized they had a real purpose. Thus the name leaf bag, LOL! The leaves created a much better round pumpkin than my newspaper stuffing. The children laughed, and ran eagerly to fill the growing bag. Leaves were tossed into the air with abandon and fell into hair and on clothes. A roll in the pile was enjoyed by several. What fun it was to watch this childhood ritual that I have only read about. My new environment is filled with an array of previously unknown experiences. Sharing these with the children under my care gives me a child like wonder at my everyday world.

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