Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Snow Snow Snow

It started snowing about 2:00 a.m. this moring. Was still going srrong until about an hour ago. Boss wanted to go out. So I drug on my boots, coat, hat, and scarf. Geeze I thought spring started yesterday.  The snow was already beginning to melt. Sun shining brightly.

Boss couldn" t decide where to get off the sidewalk. The piles on either side of him were higher than he is. We went around the corner where the building blocks some ot the drifts. He finally found a place that looked promising. Boss plunged bravely through the white, wet, cold stuff that blocked his way. Poor guy he was up to his belly in this unwelcome mess. He couldn"t raise his leg enough to pee in a proper male doggy manner. He truged through the nasty stuff pulling on his lease to reach some bare ground  under the eves of the bulding. Ahh with solid ground under him he was able to do his business as a dignified canine should.

On the way back to our building he became intrested in some robins. A flock of these brave or hungry creatures were feasting on the fruit of a tree near our door. The fruit has been on since last summer and is shirvled with freezing and thawing, but I guess if you just flew in from Arizona expecting Spring and got hit with a 4" snow storm shirvled fruit would look pretty good. Such are the joys of spring in Montana.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Where Will Paths Lead

My now former thrift store is going co-op. The staff will be running the store. That means I am out of a job. Sooo don't want to  leave Montana just when spring is arriving. I survived the cold only to go back to Arizona's hot summer. NOT !!
So I am going camping. Maybe it will lead to a new adventure. LOL.  History repeats itself.