Thursday, April 9, 2009

I took Boss for a walk this afternoon, or rather he took me. When I put on my shoes to go outside he thinks it means walk and then he goes crazy. You can see him begging just like a kid. He runs up and rubs my legs and then runs toward the door. He looks back over his shoulder and if I haven't moved he runs back and nudges me. He dances around and squeals. So today I gave in and took him out. He must have felt he was cooped up to long because he dragged me along wanting to go faster than I was moving. He is strong for such a little dog. Or maybe I'm just weak.

It has been windy the last few days and I haven't wanted to go out. I thought today was calm until I got out the door. I guess that is what happens when you sit glued to a computer all day. You don't really know what the weather is like.

The wind was not bad and there was no cold in it, so I enjoyed my time in the out doors. The city has mowed our wash and now you can see all the trash. I was treated to an abundance of plastic bags hanging from branches like flags of surrender. The cleared brush also allowed me to see the Gambles quail. They are comical creatures who run from danger their little top knots bobbing up and down like bobble heads. The little ones are not on the scene yet. They should arrive in the next few weeks.

There are three Yorkies a few houses down from ours. They tumble over each other trying to get to the fence and warn Boss to stay off their property. All three together are not as big as Boss but they make an impressive racket that keeps him moving.

A little further down the street is a big dog that jumps on top of his cement wall. He keeps me moving because I am afraid he is going to come over. Boss has to stop and smell the ground frequently. This give me a chance to stop and smell the roses so to speak more like smell the mesquite.

A rabbit darting out from a bush nearly gets my arm pulled out of joint as my mighty hunter takes off after him. Lucky for Mr. Rabbit Boss only has fifteen feet of line and an owner not willing to chase creatures.

Twenty minutes later we are back in our own yard. My trusty campaion is happy he got a walk and I feel a litttle healthier. Maybe we should do this everyday.

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