Monday, April 6, 2009

Pack Rat

I am the worlds biggest pack rat. No! Wait that title goes to my mother, I am the worlds second biggest pack rat. Open my cupboard and out spills sour cream containers, jelly jars, and water bottles. All washed and clean of course. The drawers in my kitchen contain used plastic spoons, packets of condiments, and unused handy wipes. My bathroom is filled with hotel lotion bottles, shampoo bottles and dental floss.

My pack rat nature extends to my closets. I have clothes that haven't fit for twenty years and things so worn out that the seat is threadbare. I only wear those around the house because they are soooo comfortable.

But the worse proliferation is plastic bags. Why can't I throw out a plastic bag? They have taken over the house. I have them stashed in a paper grocery bag from Traders Joe's, stuffed in a bag in my computer-crafts room and the bag in the laundy room will explode if I add one more. I even have a bag in the kitchen designed just for storing bags she is a doll with a big skirt where you put the plastic bags ready for easy use. Her skirt is so full right know the man of the house bangs his head as he comes into the kitchen.

On occasion I will take bags to the recycle bin at the grocery store but in a few days the various storage places are again bursting at the seams . So what is the solution to my pack rat nature? I could just start getting rid of things . But every time I do that about three weeks later I asked what happened too??? Then remember Oh No! I gave it away! ahhh I need it now and I could really use it. I guess I will just buy a storage shed.

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