Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bigger Is Better

I rushed to the store the other day to pick up pizza for dinner. We are on a mission to spend less eating out, but the man of the house really likes his tomato pie. He was feeling deprived and craving pizza. So we agreed frozen was better than nothing. Although I don't know why I bother Little Caesars is the same price as Digiorno.

Now, this is not really about the pizza. They were on sale for five dollars each, but if you bought two you got free ice cream. Since that creamy confection is my favorite food in the whole world, what a deal. I rounded the corner of the frozen food section pulled out a carton and rushed through the checkout. A hungry mouth was at home waiting to be fed.

So I didn't pay attention to the carton, just threw it in freezer. Tossed pizza in the oven and enjoyed my dinner. Later as a bed time snack I pulled out the frozen dairy dessert. The carton looked shorter I turned it over and read the label. NOT ONE HALF GALLON! NOT TWO QUARTS! ONLY ONE POINT FOUR ONE L! U.S. conversion one and a half quarts. That is four less servings than the old carton. No wonder it was such a deal.

I will be checking out other brands. You can fool me once but you won't fool me twice.

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