Monday, April 20, 2009

Miss Graceful

When I take Boss for a walk he gets so excited that he jumps up and down, spins in the air and runs around the room. His feet sometimes get away from him and splat his belly hits the floor with his legs spread out like a bear skin rug. Fortunately I am the only one there to witness his indignity, unlike a certain incident in my life.

The teachers were having a meeting with the State Senator from our area. The Legislature was discussing cutting funding for education. No, this was not last month, it was many years ago. Some things never change. We wanted to convince him to vote against the cuts.

I was in charge of the refreshments. I went to the cafeteria early to set things up. I scurried about placing cookies on platters and laying out napkins in our school colors. The Principal and Superintendent arrived and after a brief greeting they began to discuss the agenda for the evening. Mr. State Senator arrived and we all took a break from our duties to wish him a warm welcome. The men returned to their business planning the event. I, the woman returned to my proper place the kitchen.

It was time to make the punch. I grabbed a bag of ice and walked quickly toward the refreshment table. My cute strappy wooden high heel sandals tripped on something. I began to stumble the bag flew out of my hands and crashed into the floor. Like a hail storm ice scattered across the room as I continued downward landing on my belly with my legs spread eagle.

The gentlemen rushed to my aid, picking me up they inquired about any injuries. Thankfully only my pride was damaged. The dignitaries helped me clean up the mess, then I retired to the ladies room to repair my hair and lipstick and gain my composure. The rest of the evening went well and when I returned home that evening the cute strappy sandals went into the trash. I vowed to wear sensible shoes when preparing for a party.


Kay said...

Ouch! been there, done that.

Next time let the men take thier place in the kitchen and put your feet up.. in your adorble shoes of course!


moosh said...

Kay now I would. Then I was young and dumb.