Monday, April 27, 2009

The Mom Test

I was reading blogging for dummies yesterday and one section discusses how not to embarrass friends and family. A line in the book says call it the Mom test. Will your post get you in trouble with your Mom? So last night I called Mom just to chat and catch up.

Mom "I didn't like what you wrote about the children."

Me " What children ?"

Mom " The stuff about poopy diapers."

Me " It was supposed to be funny."

Mom " I know but I just didn't care for it."

Me "But it was things children really said, you liked Art Linkletter "Kid's say the Darnedest things."

Mom " I know but I just don' t want to read about poop."

So I am making a list of things Mom doesn't want to read about. Guess what goes at the top of the list? You got it poopy diapers. Mom in the future if I write about poop I will call you and tell you not to read my post that day. I'm on my way to the phone right now.


Kay said...

Heh… my mother and assorted other family members (grandparents) won’t read my blog because they think it is a waste of my time to be writing about what I write about.

(politics, food, random stuff,… you know My Life!)

Oh well, their loss.

moosh said...

Kay Our families can be our worst critics. That is why we need each other. Keep up the good work.