Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Easter Tale

The magazine cover photo caught my eye, a cake shaped like an Easter bonnet was covered with ribbon and spring flowers. I knew right away I had to make that dessert for our holiday dinner.

My favorite yellow cake was mixed from scratch. The pieces were cut and formed according to the directions. I covered the bonnet with a butter cream frosting tinted pink. A silk lavender ribbon was tied around the creation with a big bow and long trailing tails. Pansie and roses that I had frosted with sugar were artfully placed around the brim. The cake had turned out beautifully.

It was placed in the center of my Buffet table. On Easter Sunday everyone admired the charming centerpiece. After dinner I brewed coffee and cut generous slices for my guest. The forks were eagerly cut into the dessert. Mouths began to chew and then faces began to pucker. The children yelled yuck! The grown ups a little more polite said there is something wrong.

I took a taste of my beautiful masterpiece. It tasted salty and bitter. Something has gone wrong with the icing. To this day I am not sure what caused the problem. The birds got cake for dinner that day while the rest of us feasted on chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks.


maryt/theteach said...

Shees, moosh, could you have used salt instead of sugar? Hope you don't mind but I'm laughing at a really good story! :)

RJ Flamingo said...

You poor thing! Don't feel bad - we've all got stories like that one... :-)