Saturday, June 25, 2011


Have  had computer problems for the last two weeks. Hopefully solved.

We left Billings under murky skies. Reports were out that most of the surrounding areas were under flood. I  went back to the Yellowstone to see if  I could get in and retrieve any of my belongs. The road was blocked but we decided we could walk in. The mud was slippery and water still stood in low places. Joy o Joy the chairs were on top of the table where I had place them for safety. My now water filled chuck box was beside them. Since it held mostly cutlery and cooking utensil that was not a problem. My tent was gone. I don't know if it washed away or walked away. We have three with us so it will not be missed. I am just glad Boss and I weren't washed away.

The rain continued to pour as we drove toward Butte. We checked into a local downtown motel. Butte 's older area has an aura of faded glory. Buildings of beautiful stone and artiecture are boarded up and empty. Once a thriving  cooper mining community it has gone the way of Bisbee and other former glorious and prospers cities that  produced ore to run telephone wire and built the west. The motel and the area around it had seen better days and for the most part were empty. I wasn' t going ( couldn't) to spend the 100 plus dollars that the chains wanted.

Later I ordered a pizza. When I stepped outside imagine my surprise to see the parking lot full and a lot of coming and going. I closed and locked my door and settled in for the night.The motel was "busy" all night cars leaving , radios playing, the occasional sound of breaking glass, laughter and loud talking. My phone rang about 2:00." Is everything all right"? "Yes " I replied. Dial tone. Boss woke me up at six. I dressed in my coat and hat it was still cold outside and drizzling. We slipped out the door, imagine my surprise the formerly filled parking lot was almost empty. Beer cans littered the area with the random vodka and cheap  wine bottle. Either my fellow travelers were early risers or I had spent the night in a hurdy gurdy house.TBC

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