Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I woke up cozy, warm and comfortable this moring. I had a hot shower and sat on a toilet without the cold morning air blustering through an open door. Where did all this luxury come from?  I checked into a little cabin last night. Just one room but heat, TV, frig and microwave WOW!

I had stopped by city hall yesterday too see if they though the park would flood. The very friendly receptionist said it was not predicted but she had seen it flood under just such circumstances. I took her advice and checked into the little cottage. Went to the  campsite and loaded up the cooler and a few other things I needed.  At about seven I went back to camp to check on things  and decided at the last minute to  grab Boss's doggy bed and my sleeping bag, even though we didn't need them in the cabin. I placed the camp chairs on top of the table and left my chuck box on table; the tent stayed anchored where I had pitched it the day before.

This morning I drove to the camp. As I turned down the road that goes across the bridge and leads to the turnoff I could see flashing lights and people wearing police vest lined up along the road. Traffic was moving  slowly both directions. I drew abreast of the flashing lights, I  saw sandbags piled along the road and dirty brown water trying it's best to find a path onto the roadway. I asked "can I get into the campground "? "No it is under water" "You can turn around at the entrance".

At top of the hill I could see into camp, there sat my lonely tent. My carefully prepared firewood was under water. The chairs and other things on table were still there in a sea of mud and water. I don't know if they will be tommorrow the river is still rising and it's guess what? RAINING     

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