Sunday, May 1, 2011

Puppy Woes

Boss is not a happy camper right now. Monday he went to the groomer, he went from biker Dude to  Mr. Preppy. If you would like to see biker dude go here    When we got to the salon he sniffed at the door and then ran away. I had to tug and beg to get him to go through the door. He was very reluctant to enter the cage, so I had to shove him in. When I came back to pick him up he bolted out of there like a rabbit running from hound dogs. We got in the car and he put his head down on his paws. I told him he was a pretty boy and he looked at me with disdain and turned his head away. He was clearly pouting. All the way home he ignored my attempts to cajole him.   

The next day it snowed  several inches. My hairless baby was cold and unhappy. He shook his body trying to rid himself of the cold wet white stuff. Our trips outside were brief and he buried himself in the blankets when we came back in. The snow continued off and on all week. His looks seem to say why did you do this to me. He hasn't smiles in a week.  It is snowing again as I write. Don't see smiles in my near future.

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