Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

It has been raining, raining and raining. Did I mention it was raining.  The tent is dry but everything else is dripping. My shoes squish when I walk, the cooler has to be wiped off before opening and the bedding feels damp.   Yesterday we got a reprieve in the afternoon, I collected firewood and put it under a trap. No such luck today,  Boss is very unhappy he does not like rain. I don't know how his bladder can hold out so long but he waits till there is no raindrop noise before he asked to go out.

The river we are camped by is swollen and moving quickly. The rushing water is muddy and fearsome,  if you fell in I guess you would end up in the Mississippi somewhere. That is if you didn't freeze to death

The rain has delivered a delicacy: morels: I had a skillet full for dinner last night. Delicious and lived to tell about it. LOL I confirmed species with two locals and did research on Internet, was sure I was safe.

The trees have finally leafed out  The delicate little leaves are pale green. a color you only see in the spring.
The robins are chattering in the trees and the morning is filled with the honking of geese. Spring has finally arrived in Montana 

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