Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh Where Oh Where Has my little Dog Gone

We are in the midst of moving. What a lot we have accumulated in two years. Many trips to the trash and Salvation Army have taken place. Last week I had a memorable trip that taught me a lesson. I piled stuff in the back of the truck and on the passenger seat. I decide to take Boss along so he hopped into his bed behing the drivers seat. We pulled up to the donation area and I jumped out the door as a man rolled a cart out to my truck. He pushed the cart up to  the passenger door and we unloaded the stuff. Leaving the door open we went around to the back to get items out of the camper shell. I shut both  doors thanked him and drove away. 

I decide to drive to a nearby town for lunch. They have the best steak fingers in this little local cafe there.
The drive was quite nice, snow is gone and things are greening up. The drive is about thirty miles and I took my time enjoying the scenery. Pulling up to the town park I decided, the responsible dog owner, to give Boss a walk before lunch. I jumped out of the truck and walked to the passenger door. "Boss let's go for a walk". No sound of jiggling chain. "Boss come on." I peered into the back No Boss. I quickly ran around to the drivers side threw open the door and folded back the seat. Frantically I lifted the sleeping bag and looked under it . No Boss!!

The only place I had stopped was the Salvation Arny so he must  have jumped out there. I drove "flew" back to town praying , hoping he would still be there and safe. It is downtown in a busy area. I pulled into the parking lot and rushed toward the employee who had helped me earlier. I barely got the words out "'have you seen" he added "a little grey dog. " Yes Yes" . "He was picked up by animal control about five minutes ago." 
I drove to the station a few blocks away and told them my story. The very nice dispatcher radioed the animal unit which had just arrived at the shelter. The officer had to come back to town anyway so she agreed  to bring Boss back to me. My baby arrived tugging on the lease, jumping on my lap and rubbing his nose on my feet. I explained what happened and she did not give me a ticket for animal at large, a $100 fine.  I was so glad my little darling was not lost.  I petted him all the way home. He now has a tag with his name, my name and phone number. Each time we stop I look behind the seat to make sure he is in his spot. If they made doggy car seats I would buckle him in;  the little escape artist.

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