Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Bags Are Packed I'm Ready to Go

The truck is filled to bursting point. The new neighbor has everything to furnish her new house, my discards. Nice stuff too. I was lucky and so was she, both in the right place at the right time.  She left everything when she moved West and now has what she needs to set up her  new home . I didn't have to throw away so much stuff or drag it to the Goodwill.

How does one accumulate an abundance of household items in less than two years. Oh that's right I worked in a thrift store. I couldn't resist the pink depression era sugar and creamer. We had to have the second TV, the man of the house watches Cops and I have to have my Gilmore Girls. Three swim suits might seem excessive but they cost a dollar a piece.
So I have stuffed, shoved and pushed everything I want, need or might need in the back of the pickup.

I'm ready to roll down the road. Tank is filled, utilities stopped, apartment passed cleaning inspection, keys turned in. Goodbye Mountain View Apartments.

Let the camping begin. We will travel a short distance to a free camping spot on the Yellowstone River. The town maintains the campgrounds and asks only for donations. It is a lovely area, big trees the largest clover I have ever seen and a flowing river . All we can ask for now is good weather.     

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