Monday, December 7, 2009

The Stroll

Saturday night was the annual Christmas Stroll. Main street is closed off and the businesses welcome holiday merrymakers. Everyone here seems to have one or more dogs. The dogs were dressed in holiday finery, they wore Santa hats, reindeer hats, and elf hats. It was cold so your dog needs a sweater, coat, or blanket. The creation is only limited to the owners imagination. Horse blankets tied on with rope to ruffled tututs it was all to be seen.

Chestnuts were roasting over an open fire, and smores were toasting over an open flame, an added bonus you get to warm your freezing hands. Want to warm your insides? Hot chocolate was a popular choice; but you could try gloog, hot buttered rum, or a warm chocolate-peppermint liquor.

Food was the usual; hot dogs, chili, bar-b-que and turkey legs. A man asked if I wanted to try fry bread. I come from Arizona where fry bread, cooked by the people who created the fried dough, is a staple at fairs. I wanted to try something more Montana like, so I declined and had a bison burger instead.

Musicians were on every corner; guitars, drums, brass instruments and mini bands added to the holiday spirit and to their pockets with the donation thrown into baskets.

It was an eclectic and happy crowd that ushered in the holiday season. The evening ended; where else; the reaaurant where I enjoyed a glass of wine and conversation wih family and the friends I have met in Montana.

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clare said...

Sounds like a fun evening to me!

Thanks for comment on my blog - for some weird reason not showing up in comments. Glad you like the advent parcels