Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Opening Day

Opening day went great. There were people waiting to get in the door. I rushed about restocking shelves as merchandise flew off the shelves. No time for pictures.

Here are some pictures from our trip last summer. They have a bit of red.

We visited the four corners area. This is where Az., Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico meet. The dirty tennis shoes of the man of the house are standing in four states at once. They have a spot of red on the lable.

The flags are flying in a stiff breeze. It wasn't cold, but very windy.

More Ruby Tuesday here.

Heat is on tonight. It's -4 already. Burr! Burr!


maryt/theteach said...

moosh, I love this that you photographed your hubby standing on the four states at one time! Thanks for participating in Ruby Tuesday! :)

Rambling Woods said...

glad that everything went well Moosh

Manang Kim said...

I see read on that tennis shoes! ^_^

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