Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

As we were hiking on Saturday a group of twenty somethings were causing quite a ruckus just off the trail. I wondered if they were enjoying a libation, an herb substance or just a private joke. The sounds of wow I found another one and look at the size of this one aroused my curiosity. I ventured over and asked what discovery had caused such jubilation. The answer mushrooms. Spongy Mushroom an edible variety. They showed me the ones collected which were going home to dinner.

The group continued along the trail passing back and forth as we all made our way to the waterfall. The young people left the falls just before us. On the way down I spotted this gem,

I yelled!" hey mushroom people I found a mushroom".
Probably deciding to humor an old lady the hunters came back. The return was worth it. I had discovered a rare but deadly mushroom.

The mushroom expert dug up the beauty to show me the pink underside. The base was large and buried deeply. He kept the specimen for his collection.
Maybe I will start to learn about these treasures of nature.

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Anonymous said...

When we lived in northern calif A l went mushroom hunting. I bought him a book so he could tell which ones were good and the bad ones I will see if I still have it.

Pie said...

First time I've seen a pink mushroom. Thanks for sharing. :)

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Jim said...

Hi Moosh, it's been a while. Please do be careful with those mushrooms. I like to eat them. Mushroom soup can be good.

That is a pretty mushroom you found. My sister got sick on mushrooms she found, I thnk she got hold of a poison one.
I am sure the group hunting them had some pretty ones in their group. Were any wearing feathers or flipflops or moccasins?

Beware of some of the mushroom teas and for sure do beware of Mushroom Elixir. If it is made from poisonous mushrooms you could never recover. The rest generally have rituals to go along.
A certain part of our culture likes them really much, there is such a group in Galveston, I am not sure of Houston.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

To stumble upon
a mushroom in the wild—ah,
fabulous treasure!

My Ruby Tuesday

Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

I am a chicken to eat a mushroom who did not get properly introduced!!

boliyou said...

Great find! Congratulations on your rare mushroom discovery!

Liz said...

That's a pretty mushroom but like Jan I'm a chicken to eat mushrooms I'm not familiar with.

Rambling Woods said...

How neat to run into people that know mushrooms.. Every once in a while you hear of someone local eating a mushroom with deadly results... I will admire them from afar.....Michelle

Robin said...

I've always been too afraid to go mushrooming, I don't know enough to tell the delicacies from the poison. I'll bet the edible ones are just wonderful though.

Felisol said...

What a rare specie you have found.
I also usually stop by the wrong ones, asking the group what is this? Poison, is the usual answer. I thought I knew the chanterelle, but there evidently are poisonous almost- look-a-likes to that one too.
when I have German visitors, I feel safe. They know at least 10 edible sorts.
Otherwise I buy them at the grocer's this time of year.
From Felisol

moosh said...

Thank everyone for visiting. I don't plan to eat any foraged mushrooms. Better safe than sorry. i

Your EG Tour Guide said...

What a neat find and I'm so glad someone knowledgeable was there to tell you it's poisonous!