Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day of Rest

Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings Time. After all who wants another hour of 100 degree heat. We all long for the evening when the sun sets and things begin to cool down. Barbecues fire up, the scent of smokey meats drifts through the air. Patio chairs are filled with people enjoying the evening breezes, and the tinkle of ice filled glasses signal an end to a hectic day and the beginning of evening's relaxation.

In Montana the sun is still bright at 9:00 p.m. It has been difficult to adjust my body to this new schedule. There is no waiting for evenings cool breezes. You wake up to cool temperatures and as the day warms it is still comfortable. The natives were complaining the other day when the thermometer hit the 80's. In Arizona we would have pulled out the sweatshirts. So when does the evening's relaxation begin?

Throw in my new schedule and the body confusion only gets worse. Friday night I worked till 9:00 p.m. So today is truly my day of rest. I slept in and ate a delicious breakfast. Later I took a nap. A good book provided a few relaxing hours. An early dinner of great food added pleasure and pounds. A hot tub soak soothed my aching muscles. My body dictated what I did today; not a schedule, not the sun.


ramblingwoods said...

Nice to see a post from you Moosh.. It was verrrry quiet. Also glad to hear that you had some good down time. Belated Happy 4th of July... Michelle

Keetha Broyles said...

I'm relatively new here, so I'm guessing you just recently moved to Montana?

Here in Indiana we NEVER "did" Daylight Savings Time until about two years ago. I grew up with it in Wisconsin and LOVED NOT DOING it in Indiana, because I HATE DST. H A T E it.

It takes me about three or four weeks to adjust to the change in the spring. I don't have as much trouble in the fall when we go back to "real" time.

I'm JEALOUS of Arizona and the wisdom they display in REFUSING to do this silly clock maneuver.

Anonymous said...

Darlene says you are a good writer she enjoys your writing.
Did you find a place to live?
We need more boss stories

Anonymous said...

Yes my dear you can WRTIE sorry your time is taken up , HOPE YOU CAN SOON FIND THE TIME TO WRITE MORE LOVE MOM.

Laurie said...

We're missing you here in AZ. and in our WWW (writer's group) Keep writing. I love your stories!