Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Paths Taken

I have a habit when driving of not wanting to turn around or backtrack. I always think forward is better. I also like to explore new paths and roads to see where they go. I am like the bear who went over the mountain to see what he could see, but all he could see was the other side of the mountain. I keep thinking there will be something new on the other side of the mountain.

This trait has gotten me in trouble on several occasions. One sunny day while taking a ride I spotted a sign Turkey Track road. This intrigued me, a possible chance to see wild turkeys or maybe some other animals. Without hesitation I turned down this road. I was driving through the forest with huge pine trees on either side of me. Most people don't know Arizona has the largest Ponderosa pine forest in the nation. The road twisted and turned and began to narrow. Undaunted I drove on.

I came upon a clearing, logs were in a huge pile stripped of their branches. A logging truck unattended was parked next to the pile, this was obviously a logging road. Sensible mind told me I should turn around, logging roads are known not to be in the best shape. Explorer mind said move on. I really wanted see what was down the road and that old habit always go forward tugged at my heart. So I continued on my journey. The road grew worse the twist and turns became more frequent and deep ruts began to appear. I started to drive more slowly as I struggled not to slip in to the holes in he middle of the road.

I began to look for a place to turn around but there wasn't room. The road had become a narrow ridge of two tracks side by side with a huge chasm in between. I gripped the steering wheel an cautiously continued on my journey Keeping the wheel on those ridges was a challenge. I became a bit frightened, cell phones did not exist and my trip had been spontaneous no one knew where I was.

My devil may care attitude had disappeared and I prayed to get out of this in one piece. I drove on for what seemed like hours the road did not get any better but at least it was not getting worse. Or so I thought.

Suddenly the road ended, in front of me was a very large hole. It was about six feet deep and at least fifty feet in diameter. The road continued on the other side and I could see it lead to a highway with cars driving by. What could I do? I drove right into the forest floor hoping there were no hidden obstacles to stop my progress. I negotiated my way through the forest and around the chasms in the earth. Finally I reached the road on the other side. I headed my car toward the highway euphoric that I had made my way out of this perilous situation. My pleasure was short lived I could see the highway but I also saw there was a fence between me and freedom.

I considered my option as I approached the fence. Wire cutters maybe, I had none. I looked left and right. A few yards to the left was a gate. I was on forest service land and most gates are not locked. So once again I took off across country hoping for the best. The gods smiled on me and the gate was unlocked. I got out swung the gate wide open and drove through it to civilization. Closing the gate; you always leave a gate the way you found it; I looked back in the direction I had just traveled. Thanking God and the Universe I vowed not to be so foolish again. Right!

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Rambling Woods said...

I am so glad that you got out of there. That is really scary Moosh..