Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Day Begans

It was a cold snowy January day, the sun  was just peeking over the horizone. I felt my arm being jostled and someone calling my name. I snuggled deeper into the covers and said "go away". "You have to get up and feed the baby while your mom  fixes breakfast." said daddy. I groaned and tumbled out of bed. My feet slid into my furry pink slippers as I grabbed my matching  robe. I staggered down the hallway to the family room. Mom sat by the window, her newest bundle of joy in her arms. I walked over and Mom handed me my baby sister. She wailed as the bottle was removed from her mouth, I quiclkly gave her the bottle and  she continued her breakfast.

I rocked the precious newcomer as I gazed upon her face. She had big brown eyes, long dark lashes rested on soft pink cheeks. Her blond hair was wispy around her heart shaped face. The little rose bud mouth suckled eagerly at her mornings nourshiment.

Mom surried into the adjoining kitdchen and soon I could here the sizzle of bacon. As the aroma of the succlent meat wafted across the house  the rest of my siblings arrived in the kitchen. Kate helped set the table as Annice and Roy came over to look at their younger sister. "You need to burp the baby" said mommy. I placed my sister on my shoulder and began to pat her back. She let loose with a burp that would have rivled a beer guzzling couch potato. Mom announced that breakfast was ready. I placed the doll in her bassinett and she began to gently snore.

The family  gathered around the table and daddy said the blessing. We dove into pancakes drizzled with Mrs. Butterworth's maple syrup. Crispy bacon was quickly gobbled up. Roy stole a piece from Annice when she wasn't looking. All was washed down with cold fresh milk delivered to our door that morning by Mr. Cady from the local dairy.

Breakfast overr the flurry of activity began as we all took turns brushing our teeth, Cries of ouch were heard as mom combed out snarls of  hair, "It's the price you pay to be pretty " was the reply if you protested to much.

Dresses pulled over head and saddle oxfords  tied we were ready to meet the world. Kisses all around, one for the new baby and we were out the door and off to another day at school.

Happy Birthday baby sister.

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Queen-Size funny bone said...

Happy birthday sister dear....