Sunday, January 17, 2010

Does the Media Inform or Incite

The news from Haiti is devastating, lack of basic necessities, thousands of bodies and utter chaos. We see pictures and hear reporters but what is the real story? I hear over and over that food is there but not getting to the people. I never hear why. Hundreds of first responders are on the ground but medical treatment is scarce. I never hear why. Bottled water has been shipped but water is selling for $8 dollars a bottle. I never hear why.

I wish the reporters would report the news in an accurate manner. I learned in Journalism class you report who, what, when, where and why!!! We never get the why. The reporters I am sure are not going without water or food. So if they can get in to get pictures why can’t they deliver water or food? The news media exploits tragedy for their own gain and does not contribute to the rescue effort.

I felt the same way during Katrina. Reporters sloshing through dank waters showing us scenes to break your heart but not helping anyone. Why don’t the news stations help the effort and report on the good effort they and others are doing, rather than focusing on the things not getting done. Please tell us why.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

once again we are held hostage by what they want us to know rather than what there is to know.

Anonymous said...

it's the almighty ratings ... gotta keep those survivors in prayer


Rambling Woods said...

Diane Sawyer got really angry when she was interviewing as to why things weren't being done. I think that the reporters look as numb as some of the really looks overwhelming..How is your Mom doing Moosh..Michelle

moosh said...

Mom going well. Many things given to her. The insurance will rebuild the house.