Monday, February 15, 2010


I wrote this a few weeks back. I have a fear of posting these days because my spelling skills are so poor. I have tried for years but I can not hear the sounds clearly. Dexyspica (sp) runs in my family. I even played this third grade computer game where you choose the sounds. I failed most of the time. I was hoping google would put spell check back up, but that does not seem to be happening. I am going to post anyway. If someone can tell me how to spell check in blogger I will be grateful.
In this economy everyone is trying to save a buck. This is much different than the over the top indulgance of a few years ago. Even thought I have always been a thrifty peson I too was caught in a spending spree. It's to hot, lets eat out. I'm tired, let's eat out. I need a new pair of shoes, I don't have a green pair. I need five swimsuits for the cruise, I can't wear the same one everyday.
Economic colapase and unemploument for a year  brought me to a new place. I have returned to the basics and a simpler lifestyle. We don' t eat out as much. Beans are on the menu at least twice a week. Clothes can be worn a lot longer than you think, if you aren't concerend with the latest fashion.

The new year started along with a new job. We can spend money again! I don't want to return to the indulegent spending of a few years ago. I now have a different set of values in place. When mom's house burned, I told her she lost only things. The things I value most were still there. Her! Her friends and the community around her. They have all come together to provide the material things needed for living and  support and comfort. I am very gratful for the sympthay expressed by the town she has lived in for thirty years and  the internet community I have been apart of for 11 months.Thanks to all for you well wishes.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about your spelling. We can figure out what it is. And we ejoy your blogs. So keep writing no matter if you have poor spelling. It is ok keep posting.

Anonymous said...

Lol look up there on my first comment I misspelled enjoy I left out the n in enjoy, so see you are not the only one who can't spell. Lol Love ya anyway And like { love} you blogs. They are Great !