Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Green Cost Green

Colorado is beautiful, everything is so green. Meadows have waving green grasses dotted with yellow flowers. The quaking aspens shimmer a light green in the sunlight. Stately evergreens are a bold dark green as they rise majestically up from the forest floor towering over the other vegetation. Streams, rivers and lakes flow and nourish all this greenery. But there is a price to the beauty. Here is a comparison between home and Colorado.

Item * Home * Colorado
Gas * 2.30 * 2.70
Sports Bar Hamburger * 6.50 * 10.00
Rum* 10.00* 20.00
State Park * 10.00(showers included)* 20.00 (no showers)
House * 200,000 * 7 million

Now I admit that house was in Telluride so that may be skewed but the rest was pretty average. I am going to come back to Colorado when I have more green in my pocket.

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