Thursday, June 11, 2009

Playtime In the Woods

Boss dove into the leaves. He raced and bounced around the campground and returned with wet feet and his snout covered with mud. He was so happy and carefree. There were so many smells, so many sounds. He lifted his nose turning in each direction as he savored the wind and decided which scent seemed the most promising.
A nearby pile of boulders looked interesting and he decided to explore the big rocks. Scrambling over and around he sniffed each area carefully. He was the ferocious hunter stalking his prey. A small chipmunk scurried out of his hiding place and ran off into the woods. Unknown to Boss Mr.Chipmunk has run the other direction.

Mr.Squirrel and his mate sneaked down the tree ready to grab a snack. Boss spotted their decent and rushed over to the tree barking and squealing. Mr. Squirrel and lady raced back to the safety of higher branches. Boss clawed and jumped trying to climb the tree after his prey. The squirrel family stayed put chattering and laughing at the furry mad creature that could not reach them. A shower of pine cones came raining out of the tree. It may have been the wind but I think the squirrels were throwing them at Boss.

We packed up and left the camp ground around 10:00. My errant child did not want to leave his boulders but finally gave in and got into the truck. A little later we looked back and he was sound asleep, no doubt dreaming of squirrels and chipmunks he could catch. Want to meet Boss go here. More Boss hunting.

Nature Notes Thursday.


hafecktor said...

cool pics

Rambling Woods said...

Awwww...Boss is such a cute little hunter...I swear that dogs have the ability to smile when they are having a good time..I think I see that smile..Great Nature Notes post..
Michelle From Rambling Woods

RJ Flamingo said...

Awww, Moosh! You make me wish I could have a dog... :-) Does this make your entry this week part of "Nature Nose"? :-))

Anonymous said...

I love your doggie stories