Monday, November 9, 2009

Michelle Going Organic

Michelle Obama has committed an act which has people in an uproar. Did she make a rude remark? No! Did she wear non appropriate clothes? No! Did she snub someone? NO! She simply decided to plant a garden. This decision has agribusiness shouting and thumping their chest. The problem, she is advocating organic practices.

Agribusiness contends that conventional farming produces food that is wholesome, flavorful and more economical. That is true if you like the flavor of hexythiazox. I am not sure what that is but it is one of the ingredients on the chemical fertilizer at the store.

I had to go look at the package because I have been an organic gardener for over thirty years. A friend gave me a copy of organic gardening and I was hooked. To take produce and yard waste and watch it turn into rich brown mulch is fascinating, and guess what? It is free. I never had to spend money on fertilizers.

As to more flavorful, I can't even bring myself to eat a tomato I didn't grow. Why waste the time and money? It taste like cardboard.

The transportation industry says producing local is a charming concept but not practical. What if you want grapes in February. To that I say eat raisins. Our grandparents preserved food for the winter and ate local and seasonal. They were healthy and slimmer than we are today.

So I say to Michelle go for it. It would benefit all if we had a little kitchen garden or even a few plants on a patio.


Virginia said...

Amen to that! I plan on starting my first in-ground organic garden this coming spring. I had some container plants and already those were superior to the grocery store. Poor hoo...

AudreyO said...

It's amazing that people are upset with her. I wish I had a green thumb and could grow my own. I'd do it in a heartbeat. We have an orange tree. I would NEVER buy oranges from a market. I too say way to go.