Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Walking Boss

When we lived in Arizona I had only to stumble to the door and let Boss out. He would spend whatever time he wanted in the backyard then curl up in his favorite chair on the back porch. Many mornings he did not lift his head from the bed until 8:00.

Now I have get out of bed pull on three layers of clothes and be drug through the snow on the end of my leash. You read that right. He is in control. He decides which way to go and when to stop and smell the grass, dog poop, or whatever.

Does he wait to 8:00? NO! He is up this morning at 6:10 demanding a walk. And I do mean demanding, first he grabs and tugs at my foot, then he barks, if I haven't moved he jumps on the bed and sticks his nose right in my face.

It is dark at 6:00 so I am stumbling through the grass hoping I miss the dog poop from the 200 other dogs that live here. Boss he doesn't care he has so much energy. That crazy fellow jumped into a stream this morning chasing ducks. It was 24 degrees out. Who is this guy? He use to not even want to go outside if we had a sprinkle.

One good has come out of this. I am getting more exercise. I just wish it wasn't at 6:00 AM! Don't know who Boss is? Meet him here.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh all for the love of a dog? We had him spoiled. Now he is all grown up, just keep on loving him for my sake

Rambling Woods said...

My cats start getting hubby up at 6. If meowing doesn't work. One licks the face and the other bats at the shades..very effective with their training I think.... Michelle