Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Snarling Beasts

Yesterday I calmed a herd of snarling beasts. The moon is full and I think the gremlins and goblins floating around on Halloween decided to stay and see what mischief they could cause. They took on human host, my children, and arrived at preschool yesterday lusting for trouble.

Such pushing, hitting, poking and hair pulling I have never seen. All accompanied by the inevitable crying. The struggles were everywhere and toys littered the room like the dead leaves on the ground outside. Attention span was about the same as a fly as they buzzed from place to place trying to find an outlet from the beast within.

Missiles began to go off in my head, hands clenched and heart pounded as my own beast raised its ugly head. I knew the explosion had to be controlled, so I took them to pretend land. I waved my magic wand and turned them all into princes and princesses. The castle then fell into rest land as they laid down. I had them do some deep breathing and then very quietly began to tell of floating clouds, shaped like flowers and sweet little kitty cats and rainbows. A calmness came over the room, everyone was still, no small achievement with sixteen two and three year old.

As they sat up and began to dress for outdoors they remained calm and rushed out to play. I sighed with relief. I had tackled the evil demons and banished them from the castle. Hope they aren't back today.

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Rambling Woods said...

16 of them... You are a brave women and you must be creative to keep a bunch like that happy..Oh my.. Michelle