Saturday, March 28, 2009

Captain RV

"Hello I am Captain RV. I have everything, big screen TV, microwave, blender, satellite system. I am top of the line no on can beat me. Wait, were pulling into a site. Sigh! Good its been a long day. I need to rest. Hey where are the other RV's ? Not a one in sight. Why are we stopping here? There is something funny parked next to us. It looks small and not very sturdy. It is flapping in the wind. A person is coming out, what could they do in such a small space? I don't see an antenna so no TV, no electrical cords so no microwave. How do the cook? No water line so where do they poop and shower? Is this a new creation, or have we stumbled onto some ancient system. My owners are talking to the people we are parked next to. I here strange words like tent and grill. What are they? The word primitive site is mentioned. What is primitive? I look around and see a ring of metal I don't know what it is for. My owners hook me to a facet and fill my tank, ah that feels good, clean water. We are camped on a lake the sun is setting and the sky is streaked with orange and pink. It is a very beautiful sight. Suddenly a bright flame flares up. What is happening? The ring now has a crackling fire the people are sitting next to it with sticks as I look closer I see meat on the stick their are cooking over that flame. My owners have joined them, they too hold sticks with meat on them. What wrong with my microwave is it broken"? ( to be continued)

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