Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Break

For the first time I am going on a Spring Break vacation. In college there were no sandy beaches, jello shots or string bikinis in my breaks. I was pushing motor oil at my local K-Mart. That's right the girl who's only knowledge of the car was to turn the key was hired to work in the automotive department.

My experience there went something like this. A greasy man would come in the store and look around and turn to me and say " is anyone working in here"? I would look down at my blue smock and name tag and think does this give you a clue as I politely said. " I can help you sir". He would give me the once over from my blond hair to my rather large boobs which he would continue to ogle as he replied, " are you sure"? " Yes it's my job." "I need a spark plug for a 1969 GMC truck". I would walk over to the spark plug aisle pull out the chart look down the list and hand him a box. He looks at the box reads the label and stares at me with surprise I can see his thoughts drifting across his face your a girl, a bimbo, how did you do that? He replies "thank you." I'm thinking yeah it takes a lot of mechanical knowledge to learn to read a chart as I replied "your welcome". That was my my wonderful experience in the world of automotive supplies.

As the lucky headed out to Rocky Point I picked up extra hours at work. Rocky Point for those of you who don't live in the Desert is our closes tropical paradise. It's a small town in Mexico on the Sea of Cortez. The sandy beaches are gleaming white and the water is sparkling turquoise. The seafood is wonderful and the fiesta goes on all the time I have been there just not during college or spring break. I don't remember in my younger years spring break being the big deal it is today but maybe I was to busy putting myself through college.

I didn't have enough time or money to wantonly squander it on such frivolities. My wages went for more mundane thing like tuition, books and food. Well I still don't have much money since the recession (depression) cut into state funds and I lost my teaching job. But who needs money anyway. Well a little for gas and maybe for food. You have to eat at home or away so you really can't count food as an expense. Our budget vacation is to go camping.

I have taken the camping gear out of storage and checked for missing necessities. Flashlight batteries had to be replaced but most thing were still ready to go. We plan to travel not to Rocky Point, to old for that kind of partying, plus all that beer, margaritas and seafood can get expensive. We will go to a lake nearby where we can enjoy nature and wildlife the animal kind not the fiesta kind.

Adios amigos! Hello Spring break!

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