Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ferocious Canine vs Wildllife

Spring has sprung and that has brought new birds to the yard. These are the same birds that return every year; at least it appears that way; it's not like they sign a guest register. The returnee's seem to know the area, where the tender new lettuce is planted, how to find the new carrot seeds and where the budding grapes hide. A new development this year is our back porch screen door is open so Boss can go in and out. Twice now curious birds have decided to explore this new space. A loud bang on the window between the porch and house announces the birds arrival. Today it is a curved bill thrasher. He is a rather large bird with a long curving bill, and bright orange eyes.

Now, not a fan of being in an enclosed space with winged creatures flying at our heads we decide to allow the bird to find it's way out the way it came in. But Boss having very little excitement in his life is thrilled at the opportunity to roust the creature. In fact he is licking his lips and prancing at the door to get out. So we decide to give the ferocious canine a chance at bird removal.

He runs pell-mell into the back room barking at the now terrified bird who flies to the highest point in the rafters. Perfect for Boss, Mr .Curvebill is right above his favorite chair. Jumping on the chair seat and then onto the back of the chair Boss is sure he can reach his prey. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on who you side with, a slippery sleeping bag is draped over the back of the chair and as if attempting a slip and slide Boss tumbles to the floor. Not to be discouraged he proceeds to try and climb the brick wall and jump onto the table, but alas for him he cannot climb brick or jump that high.

The bird decides to find a safer space and flies to the top of a globe. Unknown to Mr. Curvebill the globe is suspended from the ceiling on a thin wire. The globe begins to spin and turn like a tilt-a-whirl at the county fair. Mr. Curvebill is hanging on for dear life as my fearless warrior dances beneath his perch. About this time I hear a strange noise. It is similar to the sound a smoke detector makes when the battery is dying only much louder. A very loud chirp seems to be coming from the bird. Upon closer observation we discover this sound is coming from our precious pet. I have never heard a sound like this before from Boss or any other dog. Maybe it is a special bird hunting sound.

It becomes rather irritating and we decide to give ourselves and the bird a break and see if he can find his way out without the assistance of our persistent hunter. The man of the house calls off his bird dog who refuses to budge. He is not ready to give up the chase and what is there to do in the house anyway. I go to the door and with baby talk " here pretty boy" "'come see mommy now" I finally coach him inside. He continues to stand at the door looking alternately at me and the window as if to say "why did you spoil my fun"? After a while I see the bird fly off so I let Boss out he runs bewildered around the back room looking for the creature that earlier had invaded his territory.

Dog memories are long. At midnight I let Boss out for a potty run and he immediately goes under the globe and stares up. Not seeing the bird he continued to sniff corners and gaze at the ceiling until tired and sleepy I demand he come in . He reluctantly returns to the house giving one last glance over his shoulder and a look at me that says "I know he is out there someplace, I will find him tomorrow."

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