Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Red in Red Lodge

Red Lodge Montana is a charming little town. We had just finished a harrowing crossing of Beartooth Pass and my nerves were a little shot from negotiating the hairpin turns, narrow roadways and sheer drop off cliff sides. The descent had been more difficult than the climb up. That is how I always feel. It seem much easier going up than coming down. A woodland creature welcomed us just outside of town.
We wanted to spend the night but the town was overrun with bikers, the motorcycle kind, not bicycles. We decided to eat some lunch and head on down the road.
The Red Box Car offered up delicious burgers and fries, always a favorite of the man of the house. Exploration led to this old building. The date on the plaque read 1910 it was first a brewery that was shut down during prohibition and then became a pea canning factory. Today it stands empty. It was getting late and we roared out of town leaving behind the choppers and mayhem for the serenity of a night camping in the forest. HRT For more ruby Tuesday click here.


SouthLakesMom said...

Oh, what a beautiful old building! I always view those as 'opportunities'...but you gotta get the right mix of crowd and offers.

Sue said...

Cool building. I like to look at historical buildings like that. Happy RT!

Rita said...

Great caboose. Looks like a great place to visit. Will add it to my someday maybe list.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

The Box Car looks like my kind of place.

Nice catch with the red truck driving by.