Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Outing

The man of the house had to work today. So I decided to do a little exploring on my own. I set out without a destination. Just headed down the highway to see what I could see. I stayed on a paved road, no off road adventures today. Read about my off road adventure here. Main stree became a highway and stores disappeared as wheat fields stretched out to the horizon. The mountains in the distance glowed a hazy blue. I came to a crossroads. Four directions, which would be the best? For no paticular reason I turned left. This highway was narrow and had more traffic. I figured something good must be down this road. My stomach began to growl and I decided to look for a restaurant.

A few miles later a sign This looked like an interesting place. I pulled in and took a few pictures then walked in to enjoy a gourmet meal.

I settled on the country breakfast. A few people were playing horseshoes in the yard. The patio was nice, a little breezy but I am trying to soak up as much sun as I can before the brutal winter sets in.

Starving, I was happy to see my breakfast arrive. It looked good and big. I began to chow down, ugh the hash browns were cold. Oh well, I poured on ketchup and moved on. I bit into the bacon, it was as tough as jerky. By appearance it had spent the morning under the heat lamp, which had sucked every bit of grease out of it. Good for the heart but not the taste buds. The scrambled eggs were very unusual. They looked like fettuccine, long egg strands. Which brings me to the item that had inspired my decision, the biscuit and sausage gravy. This is a childhood favorite that I only eat out; once in awhile; because it is difficult to make for one and it is not good for me. The "fluffy" biscuit could have been used for a hockey puck.

I ate what I could and set off for the rest of my adventure. A little ways down the road I ran across a yard sale. The only item I bought was bottle opener. The rest of the day was just as uneventful. But at least I got out of the restaurant and the house for a while.


Rambling Woods said...

So the sign was a lie as there was no good food to be had...@:}

Celeste said...

Oh my that sounds like a very yukky breakfast - so much for the gourmet food sign!