Monday, August 10, 2009

Bounty in Montana

As a new resident Pottery Barn sent me a catalogue welcoming me to the community. I arrived in Montana with camping gear. Two sleeping bags, a tent and camping chairs. I now have a couch, TV, microwave, two tables and a mattress. Did I go shopping at Pottery Barn? No! All of these things were free That's right one mans trash became my treasure. Mom and I were driving down the street when she spotted a table with a sign free on it, into the back of my truck it went. The man of the house volunteers at a thrift store. He agreed to do this to meet new friends and give back to society. The benefits are great. Many of the donations do not meet the criteria to sell and end up in my apartment. These are nice things, not new, but still a lot of good wear in them. One of my new hobbies is dumpster diving. Yesterday the dumpster yielded a bathroom rug, two wine glassed an a 5' spiral Christmas tree. As an added bonus I can say I am really green. This is the ultimate in recycling. With this bounty who needs Pottery Barn.

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Rambling Woods said...

That is really living green Moosh