Monday, May 4, 2009

Festivals, Fairs and Such

We had a festival here this weekend. I am not sure the difference between a festival and a fair. They both have food , booths, and rides. I am not fond of rides. The merry go round is about as wild as I get.

This little roller coaster above looked like fun not to fast and not to long.

When did fair food get so expensive? Hot dogs $5.00! What's with that, it's a mixture of the parts of the animal no one wants and a bread that squashes into a ball in your mouth. You have to buy that $3.00 can of soda just to get it down.

The curly fries looked good, but since I can't throw anything away; including food: I would have needed all my sisters, brother and their kids to finish the 10 gallon tub.

So I did what any self claimed gourmet cook would have done. Went home made a Italian sausage on the grill with peppers, onions and new potatoes on the side. Ahhh fair food only better in my own back yard.


Leora said...

I like little roller coaster rides. And watching my daughter on a merry-go-round. The fried food is not my thing.

Anonymous said...

I always liked the merry go round as a little girl each sunday we went to fair park in Little Rock Arkansas+ on the trolly and we would ride the merry go round as long as our quarter would let us I think it was a dime to ride , then we would have a nickel to ride home it was also the zoo so we could see al the animals I liked Ruth the elephant best , mom