Sunday, May 24, 2009

Grocery Store Blues

The economy may be bad but that's not stopped holiday cookouts. The grocery store was packed and the carts were piled high. Meat was flying off the shelf like flies to a picnic. People were pushing and shoving to get to the chips that were on sale. Soda towers were tumbling over in baskets as shoppers tried to pile one more twelve pack on. The line for the roasted chicken snaked past the deli counter and into the produce section. The hot dog counter had a few lonely packages stuffed in the back. Bakery shelves were wiped out as if a giant cookie monster had grazed his way through.

I got the few things I needed and got out fast. LOL the check out lines were so long I could have read the entire Bristol Palin story. NOT!

Hope you have a good Memorial Day.


Kay said...

We went shopping on Friday night and wow, the store was crowded. The gal in front of us was buying almost nothing but junk food… cakes, cookies, chips, soda, candy, more cakes…. It was a bit intimidating as I stood there with my discount soups and veggies.

Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog, I can’t wait to read some more of yours as well : )

moosh said...

I know sometimes I wonder how people can live on the things they consume. Thanks for stopping by.

Rambling Woods said...

I went to a Lowe's over the weekend and the garden center was crazy..
Michelle From Rambling Woods