Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where Did The Week Go

Yesterday as I was driving Mom to the big city she said "that's a pretty tree on your blog but when are you going to put up something new"? I replied "Well if I wasn't so busy running errands and taking you to the replacement parts clinic ( orthopedic) maybe I could find time to write".

Let me start at the beginning when life got in the way of blogging. Last Thursday after I posted the tree I went to work ! My job, to corral a bunch of third graders and keep them in check while their teacher was off at a play event with the kids who had earned an award day. It is best known as substituting or in today's lets make everything sound polite, guest teacher. There was a time when only the upper grades tried to pull the wool over a sub's eyes but that is past, even the baby faced kindergartener's look at you with their toothless smile and con you into believing they get recess for an hour after working thirty minutes. The big trick on this day involved the bathroom. They were allowed to go whenever they needed or so they said. I only allowed one at a time but the next room which also had a sub was also letting kids go. The problem something called "Bloody Mary". You turn off the lights spin around three times and say three "dirty" words. I wasn't told those so you decide what dirty words an eight year old would use. If you do the trick right and have a great imagination a woman with a bloody hand grasps your neck until you scream. Where the fun is in this activity I am not sure.

The highlight of my day was pizza for lunch. Which I had to pay for! Earlier this year subs were given free lunch a convenience when you are called at 7:30 for an 8:oo class. The federal government decided this was too big of a perk to offer these highly paid employees and so I lost my Golden parachute.

Friday was a family day my sister was visiting from out of town. Saturday I had my writing group. Sunday just sort of disappeared, as Sundays seem to do. Monday I ran errands all day, which brings me back to Tuesday and the replacement parts clinic.

We arrive in front of a huge building, well huge to me as we only have one building with an elevator in my small town. A valet attendant comes to your car as if arriving at a grand hotel. I thought this was a doctor's office. Looking around I understand the need for the valet. People spilling out of cars are on walkers, in wheelchairs or leaning on canes. The check in area has a row of bank tellers waiting to take your money. Oh I mean receptionists waiting to check you in. This is a warehouse for bones. Take an x-ray throw it up on a screen, see that hole, there should be a bone there, no problem we can get you a plastic one. I found out they can replace just about any bone in the body. Now if only they could figure out how to make your wait shorter. By the way Mom's new part is A-OK.


Laurie said...

I love it!

mapleview said...

You have my sympathy. I was a substitute teacher before I got my regular job and it was very stressful for all the reasons you listed...Michelle

moosh said...

Mapleview I hope I don't have to do it next year. Thanks for visiting

laurie thank you