Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Choices Not Better

We all have been hearing about the switch to digital TV; this will improve our viewing pleasure and allow our butts to grow bigger; because we are parked longer in front of the boob tube. The local cable company began about a year ago to run a test to see if you were ready for the switch. We took the test and everything was OK . We were ready for the new age of television. No new equipment to buy, no new gadgets just sit back and wait for the big event.

Then about five month ago we began to see new ads. We now had to get a box. The uproar began; why the switch ; were the cable employees not tech savvy, did they forget, what was going on? A different set of ads appeared, this box had nothing to do with the digital change, this was to improve the system. We would get more choices and better service. Yeah, who could complain about that ?

Well the switch came yesterday. The new channel changer has more buttons than a 747, not that I have ever seen 747 buttons, but you get my point. We do have more channels than before, now I can shop in my living room for jewelry and kitchen gadgets. That sure beats Discovery which disappeared. Instead of CNN and Headline News I have about six PBS kids to choose from. More choices? Maybe for a four year old or a shopaholic. I have a new choice, shop for another provider. Where are those yellow pages?.


CRY said...

im guessing this new remote will need more batteries and all it does is change channels?
you might have to take a course on how to use it.
no xtras?
the learning channels are being takin over by the home shopping channels and the economy is so bad can anyone even get a credit card anymore
being that college tuition is going up no one can afford to go to college so they need to keep the learning channels but you would have to pay extra thru your cable company, need i go on, i think everyone gets my point hu?
good topic this that you have written , thanks

moosh said...

Thanks for visiting you are righ on.