Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How Stupid Do You Think I Am

I have been putting items on Craigslist trying to downsize and make a few bucks. The other day I listed three bras. These were bras I bought because they were such a bargain and no they didn't fit but how can you beat the price and I'm going to lose weight. Right! So after hiding in my underwear drawer for three years with tags still on and weight still on I decided to sell them.

e-mail exchange

Chrissy hey I see you have 38 DDD's for sale. How many total I see three. Why are you selling ?They look nice can you send me larger picture?

Me Yes I have three for sale I'm selling because I was losing weight and stopped. They are new with tags still on call me if you would like to see them.

Now, before I go on I want to let you know I would have met this person in a public place during daylight hours. That's how I delivered the Nancy Drew books and the headphones. I'm not crazy.

Chrissy Yea I really like the color that's a rare kind of brown you can tell it is quality. Can you open it up or put it on so I can see the style and shape.

Me look at the second picture it is open there.

Chrissy I know but the picture is not good I really need to see it on so I can get a grip on the size and shape.

Me no reply

Did he she really think I was going to put the bra on and pose for a candid camera shot? I think people make good money doing that. I'm not ready for porn yet.


Anonymous said...

that is how young people get hooked into things, thank god you or not stupid

MyMaracas said...

Oh tooo funny! Creepy, but funny. Glad you didn't fall for it.