Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh Give Me Rain

Nature Notes Thursday

Clouds oh beautiful clouds. Now if you live anywhere but Arizona you might not appreciate clouds like I do. Those home on the range where the skies are not clouded all day can get rather boring. Not to mention that the temps in the 100's are hot. It's sort of like walking around in a blast furnace. You don't sweat because it evaporates before it can form moisture drops. A cloudy day in May is a treat for my eyes and the cool 65 degrees is a joy to my soul.

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CRY said...

o yes
nothing like a great set of clouds in the sky
here where i live in colorado we get three days of cloud cover, yahoooo
hopefully a ton of rain and i wish for fog

Terri said...

Oh I can't imagine that intense heat and days without clouds!

Re my dandelion photos -- I just get as close as I can to take the shots, and shoot at a pretty high resolution so I can crop and maintain the quality of the photo.

When I download the photos I frequently see things I didn't see when I took the shot. Thanks for visiting my site!

moosh said...

Cry Clouds are leaving didn't get much rain. Thanks for visiting

Terri You get use to it. But I like winter better. Thanks for visiting

mapleview said...

I am sorry that you are so sort on rain..We are actually getting to the point that we need some also. Mother Nature can be so fickle.....Thanks for participating Moosh..Michelle

MyMaracas said...

I wouldn't last a week in temperatures like that. Not without air conditioning, for sure. Those clouds must be a welcome sight indeed.

RJ Flamingo said...

I can relate - except for the sweating part. We're heading into the season where the clouds mean constant high humidity, and the sweat doesn't evaporate, it just saturates you. You packed a lot of emotion in a small space. I grok. Just differently.:-)

moosh said...

maple we got clouds no rain.

mymara we have whatis called aswamp cooler. Wate pour through pads and a fan blows the cooled air into the house.

RJ I have relatives in Fla. I know. Thanks

Thank you all for visitng.

Carver said...

I can so relate to this post although this year we have had plenty of rain. However 2007 through to the spring of 2008 we had such a bad drought where I live in NC that the papers were daily reporting how many days left we had before the reservoir which supplies us with water would run out. I don't think I'll ever tire of rain again after several years of minor drought and one year of exceptional drought conditions.